The Rydes = 2 3/4

A few nights ago, Kory and Marlene Ryde came over and we all piled in my wee little Honda Fit and cruised up to the Lac Du Bois area to do a maternity shoot.  Marlene is due in three weeks and I can’t believe how amazingly beautiful she is, even so close to the big day.  This was only the second time I’d met Marlene (the first was at our friend Abe’s wedding when she was kind enough to drive a bunch of us home because we had imbibed a little too much during the evening’s festivities – thanks Mar – you’re a trooper!!!) but I instantly felt comfortable around her.  Maybe it was because I’ve known Kory since we were kids and I knew he would not have married anyone who wasn’t sweet and funny and, of course, beeeeeauuutiful!

As we headed up to my secret spot, the conversation and laughter flowed freely and easily and I was super comfortable with them both by the time we arrived at our destination. And what a destination it was. I still can’t get over the fact that I didn’t know about this little gem until only a couple of months ago.  I lugged my big, blue Queen Anne chair along too, to add some props to the shoot and also to give Marlene a much-needed place to relax in the 36°C heat – well, it was actually a few degrees cooler up there than in town, but it was still hot. I made Kory lug the chair around while I carried the rest of the gear and found a spot that I liked.  After that, and despite those nasty little flies that bite as though they’re Pit Bulls, the shoot went as smooth as my buddy Brent’s chest after he waxes it.

Here are my favorites from the shoot.












You can see all of their pics here.

Thanks K&M.  I had a great time and it was nice to get away from town and hang out in such a gorgeous spot with good peeps for awhile!  I can’t wait to see wee little Ryde when he or she makes a way into the world.  Good luck with everything!

One thought on “The Rydes = 2 3/4

  1. LOVE them!!!!! Mar, you look freaking amazing and you two are just so sweet! Great job once again Jo!

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