Juno The Wonderdog Loves Diving For Sinking Sticks

I love the heat.  Unlike some of my stranger relatives (who live in the Lower Mainland and can’t stop gushing about how much they love cold weather – no names, Auntie Terri…), I am happiest when I am warm and cozy and that is one of the perks of living in a semi-desert like Kamloops – lots of heat in the Spring and Summer months.  However, every summer we inevitably get a couple crazy heat waves that leave us wilting like thirsty flowers, sweat trickling down our backs while we chug gallons of ice water and do our best to move at the pace of a slug in an effort to stay cool.  We just went through a couple of weeks of extreme heat (temps in the high 30’s and low 40’s – that’s around 105 Farenheit for all the US folks reading this) and when it gets that hot, there is only one smart way to exercise dogs – in the river.  So, every morning and afternoon, Juno, Dyogi and I would jump in the car and head down to the river for a little exercise in the wonderfully cool, and kind of gross and murky river.  Even Dyogi, who is 15 and has never been much for water, loves our early morning river excursions when it’s super hot out.  He even heads into the water on his own and soaks himself down sometimes (this is major because we usually have to coax him in up to his belly and then pour water over him to soak him).

Nobody loves water more than Juno The Wonderdog.  He even has webbing between his paws to allow for better swimming abilities and it’s near impossible to keep him out of the water once he gets in. He whines a little every time we leave the beach and head back to the car – just like a little kid who really doesn’t want to get out of the pool.  The other really great thing about the river is all of the other dogs that are there for Juno to play with. He always has a good time sniffing doggy butts and playing tag while the dog owners chat about how hot it is and how well the dogs play together, etc.  One of Juno’s favorite river buddies is Akela, a purebread German Shepard.  They met about a year ago when Akela was still a pup and they hit it off right away.  Akela is a bit skittish of people, but he’s great with other dogs and his owner, Darren, is a super nice guy and I really enjoy chatting with him while our pooches are running around, splashing through the water and tackling each other.

Akela won’t fetch sticks while other dogs are around and Juno won’t let any other dogs touch his tennis ball, so they have developed their own game and it always makes me laugh.  I throw the tennis ball out into the river and Juno swims out to fetch it, while Akela swims out to fetch him.  Then Juno runs around on the beach with the ball in his mouth while Akela chases him, pretending to want it.  It’s good quality, early morning entertainment and I’m positive Juno looks forward to it whenever we head down to the river.

The other day, Greg and I headed down to the river with Juno when he got off of work and I brought my camera to catch some shots of them playing together. We happened to run into Darren and Akela and I had the chance to snap some pics of Akela as well – he’s gorgeous.  This particular river adventure was full of new revelations – Akela doesn’t like me (he sort of snapped his teeth at me when I held out my hand for him to sniff (okayyyy then), Juno enjoys jumping off logs into deep water and he also loves to dive down into the water to fetch sticks that sink. How awesome is that!!

Here are my favorite pics from our beach adventure.  I especially love the shot of Juno jumping off the log with the tennis ball flying through the air in front of him.  Good job me!







“Cmon…throw the stick in. Throw it in. I can’t wait any longer.  Puhllleeeeeeeeasssse.”



Time to chill out and calm down before we head home.  Down Juno.  Good dog.



Don’t forget about the upcoming contest for a free shoot for one deserving mom!  I’ll be posting the rules soon.

I wish you enough…

One thought on “Juno The Wonderdog Loves Diving For Sinking Sticks

  1. Jo, you are an AMAZING photographer!!!!!!! This planet is lucky to have you. And as for your blogs, well, it doesn’t get any more entertaining! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!

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