Wayne & Janet – Always Good For a Laugh

I don’t have a BFF (Best Friend Forever).  Instead I have several FFLs (Friends For Life) whom I know I will always have, no matter where they are or what we’re doing.  Mama Fluf (which is what I call Greg’s mom, Marianne) has had a BFF since her high school years and Janet is one fantastic lady.  It’s easy to see why Mama Fluf loves her so much.  They get together and it’s all giggles and funny anecdotes and more giggles.  Most of the time, we all just sit back, watch them wind up and laugh along with them. It’s sweet and it’s awesome that Janet’s husband Wayne and Papa Fluf (whom I call Johnny 5) get along really well too.  It’s always a good time when Wayne and Janet come up to visit and we look forward to seeing them.

Last time they were up, we got together to play a little old game called Mexican Train. It’s actually a type of Dominos game and, at first, I wasn’t sure why they called it Mexican Train – I was thinking it was kind of racist and wondering why they didn’t call it CP Rail Train or Cuban Train or even Amtrek – but now I know that the game actually originated in Mexico.  Well, alrighty then…

It was a great evening over at the Outlaws place.  Lots of laughs.  An amazing Roast Beast Feast and a little friendly competition.  I even took the crew outside to take a few pics of them.  I figured that they should have some good pics of all of them together since they’ve been friends longer than Greg’s been alive!

In case you’re wondering, Wayne’s the big guy in the back and Janet’s wearing a pink shirt.  What a good looking group!



All aboard the Mexican Train!!!




So much fun. If you haven’t got it, you can get the game at Toys R’ Us for a whopping $19.95.

Thanks Janet and Wayne, for introducing us to a great game and for always keeping Mama Fluf and Johnny 5 laughing until their sides ache. We love you guys!

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