Happy 40th Birthday Big Brother – Kamloops Photographer

Today is my brother Michael’s 40th birthday.  I’m sure he’s thrilled that I’m announcing that on my blog, but truth be told, he doesn’t look a day over 39!

Mike is my only full-blooded sibling (all of my others are half-siblings) and perhaps this is what gives us such a close connection.  No, we don’t keep in constant contact and we don’t know everything there is to know about each other, but we have all of the important stuff covered. For instance, I know that he’ll be there to listen, without hesitation, if I need to vent or laugh or cry.  He’s always full of good advice and he keeps me and everyone else around him laughing uproariously on a regular basis.  He’s obviously not nearly as funny as I am, but he’s all right in the ha ha department. ;). Mike is an amazingly generous person. He never hesitates to do nice things for others or to make people feel good about themselves.  He’s magnetic and charismatic and he’s just all around enjoyable to be around. I am always happy when we have a visit planned because I know that I’ll spend a lot of the time laughing and, in general, just feeling really loved.

After our mom died, I felt really lost for awhile – like I had no one to share my thoughts with – and it was Michael who made me realize that I always had someone to turn to in times of joy and sorrow.  He’s like my own personal Dear Abby column and I always marvel at his level-headed advice and musings. He has gone through his own share of sorrows in the the last few years and it killed me to see him sad, but I’m happy that I was able to be his sounding board for once and to offer him my humble opinions and lend an ear when he needed one. And, I’m absolutely ecstatic that he is once again happier than the lotion boy at a Hawaiian Tropic competition and that life seems to be humming along nicely for him once again.

Tonight, he is celebrating his birthday with a bunch of friends and family (we didn’t go to Edmonton to celebrate with him because we’re going to Mexico with him in a week) and, from the sounds of it when Greg called him just now, he’s having a fantastic time!  His beautiful and hilarious wife, Molly, tried really hard to throw him a surprise party, only to have him find her out at the last minute, which, I’m sure, made her want to Go Pirate on him (Arrrrrrggggh). Molly is one of the reasons he is once again happy – she makes him laugh all the time, is a beautiful person with a kind spirit and a caring, accepting nature – and I am SO looking forward to shooting their second wedding in the Mayan Riviera on August 28th and am so happy that he found such an amazing lady to spend the rest of his life with.

Happy Birthday, big bro (or, and just between you and me, AFW – snicker, snicker, snort)! I hope the next year is filled with more love and laughter than you can take in and I sincerely hope you don’t wake up tomorrow morning with a serious Scotch hangover and a headache the size of Canada.  I love you very, very much.

Mike on deck (1005 x 1407)

IMG_0280 (1050 x 1050)

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