Just Received The Most Amazing Gift – Kamloops Photographer

Wa hooooooo!  This morning, the beautiful Mrs. Donna Port, one of my FFL’s (Friends For Life), came over to take Juno for a walk with me and she brought me an early birthday present. It is AH MAY ZING!  I’m completely gaga over it and I told her that she could start making them and selling them all over town.  Depending on your preference, it’s a purse or a carry all or whatever, but the best part is that she made it especially for me – choosing the colors and patterns to suit my personality (complete with the chinese symbol for eternity) and putting a lot of thought into it.  I am ecstatic over this gift and I believe it may be one of the best gifts anyone has ever given me.  I love gifts that involve extensive forethought and this one tops the charts.  It’s right up there with the wildlife quilt that my Auntie Shelley made for Greg and I a few Christmas’ back and I know I will treasure it forever.

So, without further ado, here is my magnificent, stupendous, wonderfullerific early birthday gift from one of the best, most compassionate, most loving and caring, beautiful people I know.  Thanks Donna. You rock.  The purse rocks.  I’m gonna rock it out for the rest of the Summer and Fall.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.


It even has pockets of all different sizes sewn into the liner to hold my wallet, pens, cell phone, paper, etc. and a removable bottom so I can throw the whole thing in the washing machine.  I love this purse.  I know, I’m such a girl, but I really, really love it.  I can even carry my biggest camera around in it comfortably.  What more could a girl ask for.  I’m in love.


If you are interested in purchasing one of these bad boys, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with my talented friend.  Woo Woooooo!

Have a great day.  I wish you enough!

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