Gratitude & Attitude – Kamloops Photographer

Today I read a story on the Good News Network about a family who collected personal items from around their home (soap, blankets, food, clothing, etc.) and put them all in a box and drove them to a nearby park frequented by homeless people.  Inside the box, which they marked with a sign that read Free Food and Clothing, they included a simple letter.

The letter read:

Please take these items and know that your life is important. Times are difficult but these days will pass. We share what we have believing that it will matter. Use the food to nurture your body, use the blankets to stay warm. Be safe and know that the human spirit can overcome anything. Do not hold your head down for having a need to stay warm. Someday please do the same when you can. How you do it, where and when, your heart will tell you.

Such simple words, but such a huge testament to the human spirit and the humanity that so many people carry around inside them.

The human spirit is immeasurable in the face of adversity and, despite what we see in the news, it always lifts us above the pain and the suffering and the struggles that we and so many others go through.  Try to stop thinking about yourself all the time and take a good look at the world around you.  Who could you help?  Perhaps it’s the family two doors down whose parents have both lost their jobs recently and have three mouths to feed and bills to pay who could use a little financial help.  Perhaps it’s the young man with a mental disorder who lives under the bridge and doesn’t seem to own a shirt and could use a bath and a good meal. Perhaps it’s the old man across the street who just lost his wife of 47 years and could use a little company.  There are people all around us who need help and all we have to do is open our eyes and take a good look around to see them everywhere.  Now that you’ve taken a good look, do something!!!  Buy an extra meal (enough to feed a family) when you’re grocery shopping and leave it on their doorstep.  Talk to the guy under the bridge and offer him a shirt and a meal. Stop outside the old guy’s house while you’re walking by and strike up a conversation.  Every little bit makes a difference. Giving doesn’t always have to be in the form of money.  Sometimes, it can be as simple as a smile and a small compliment to pick someone up when they’re down.  All you have to do it try it and you’ll see how amazing you feel afterward.

The Good News Network always reminds me of the need to do another installment of Gratitude & Attitude. So, without further ado…

Today’s Attitude Goes Out To:

  1. All of the completely and totally brainless idiots in this town who think that leaving their dogs in their vehicle, even for five minutes, in 30°C+ temperatures is OKAY. I can’t believe, after the dangers of heat stroke and death are publicized on the news and in the papers over and over and over, that people STILL LEAVE THEIR DOGS IN THEIR VEHICLES.  Are you all just complete morons or do you think that your dog possesses some sort of magical air conditioning system that just clicks on when the temperature in the car starts to rise?  I conducted a little experiment today, just to see how fast the temperature in my car would rise after it was completely cooled off by air conditioning.  I took the temperature (24°) and shut the car off, leaving the thermometer on the seat.  I stood outside and watched the temperature (on the digital thermometer) climb a steady degree and a half per minute until it stabilized after ten minutes at a whopping 42ºC. TEN MINUTES for the temperature to rise 18º IN THE SHADE OF MY CARPORT.  Now, you can’t tell me that a dog, who has a built in fur coat and can only cool down by means and panting and passing cool air through it’s body, is not going to get heat stroke and die in a car that is 42º in the shade.  Anyone who leaves their animal in a vehicle in this heat should be banned from ever owning another animal as long as they live and should be made to put on a thick fur coat and sit in a dry sauna for about, oh, about 20 minutes aught to do it…
  2. I’m still stuck on that whole New Drivers who insist on texting while they drive problem….

Today’s Gratitude Goes Out To:

  1. Gerri and the crew at the Good News Network.  Your news stories are always heartwarming, funny, inspirational and, well, good news!  Keep up the amazing work.
  2. Stephanie Aurora Clark Nielson. For finding the courage to post a picture of yourself after surviving so much and flourishing through such an impossibly hard time in your life.  You are one of my biggest influences and every day I marvel at your chutzpah.
  3. Dane Sanders.  For your book Fast Track Photographer.  I read it again every six weeks or so to make sure I’m staying on track to my goals and make sure I’m not coming down with a case of the Grumpies.
  4. My Stepdad Mike.  For always being so easy to talk to and always knowing when I need someone to talk to.  I’m one lucky girl. Love you.
  5. For Ethan and Becca Porrier. You two can always make us laugh and I feel blessed to have two awesome kids like you in my life…well, except for the stinky toots all night part!!!

And, because no post is complete without a pic or two…

These dogs will never suffer the heat of a 42°C vehicle because we love them and we treat them with compassion and well, we use our brains…

Juno The Wonderdog.  Always a crowd pleaser.


And me trying to get Dyogi to give me a kiss while we hung out at the beach the other day.  He used to love giving kisses.  Now he’s just a grumpy old man.



Good night my friends. I wish you enough.

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