Molly In The Boudoir – Kamloops Boudoir Photographer

Fantastico!!! Molly is my new sister-in-law, our baby girl, Cora’s auntie, and she cracks me up. Finally, my brother Mike has met his match for wit and sarcasm.  She rocks! Last week, while we were in Mexico, we decided to do a boudoir shoot as a gift for my brother and, looking at the pics later, I had to laugh out loud a few times. Since Molly had never been anywhere tropical, I warned her about the sun in Mexico and how different it was from the sun in Canada.  “No problem,” Molly smiled. “I never burn.”  Okayyyyy, I thought to myself.  Well, needless to say, Molly burned!  Blonde hair, fair skin, crazy hot sun and lying in the pool just don’t mix well!  It took a while to photoshop the burn marks on her legs out, but I’m fairly stoked with the result of the effort and with the outcome of the pics.  I wasn’t in my usual boudoir studio, so we used what we had and I love what we had to work with.

More about Molly later, when I start posting wedding pics and other pics of the trip (which was awesometastical, if a little too hot). For now, have a boo at some of the pics from our shoot. The last two are my favorite.







fI love doing boudoir shoots.  I love empowering women and reminding them of how sexy they are and Molly is one sexy lady.  My brother is a lucky, lucky guy.

Stay tuned for the Mexico pics. Goodnight my friends, I wish you enough.

4 thoughts on “Molly In The Boudoir – Kamloops Boudoir Photographer

  1. wow….sexy lady Miss Molly! Or should I say Mrs.Molly now:) You did and amazing job yet again Jo and considering that you said you had to work with what you had around you, you have an eye for detail girl. I love the one of Molly sitting on the table and her refection is in the table. Very cool:) Congrtas to the newly married couple may your love continue to grow and bloosom.


  2. Love the photos, great work. Its nice stumbling upon something so beautiful from someone so close. I’m also from Kamloops.

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