Mike & Molly Married! – Kamloops Destination Wedding Photographer

“I’ll never get married again,” he told me a few months after his divorce – straight faced, with pain-filled eyes – and I’m certain that, at the time, he truly meant it. My heart ached for my big brother and for his kids and for the breaking up of a family and all of the friends and family that it inevitably affects, but I knew, I knew, that he would one day change his mind on the marriage issue.

The first time I met Molly, her and Mike had only been dating for a couple of months, but I found myself inwardly smirking about the irrefutable, glaringly obvious fact that my big brother was head over heels for this little blonde bombshell and, unless I was completely out of my mind, the feeling was completely mutual.  I liked her instantly – she possessed a sharp tongue and rapid fire wit that gave my brother’s innate comedic ability a good run for its money.  Anyone who knows Mike can appreciate how difficult it would be to “out funny” him, but Molly does it often and seemingly without effort. Everybody says I should be a stand up comedian, but M&M could totally take their show on the road! She’d also met his kids already and this set a few bells and whistles off for me – he had dated another lady for nine months and had only let her see the kids a couple of times after months and months.  While we were chatting, Molly told me a funny story about my nephew that had us all laughing out loud. I returned home thinking,  Aha, I hear wedding bells in his future, but I kept my thoughts to myself (well, except for Greg).

The next time I saw them together was the weekend they drove from Edmonton to Kamloops to attend our Big Ass Pig Roast Wedding Reception (thrown for us by my loveable inlaws months after our wedding in Cuba and MUCH appreciated).  I went home that night, turned to Greg just before I fell asleep and softly murmured, “Michael’s going to marry Miss Molly. I’ll bet you $100”. I’m not sure if he ever took my bet, but I believe he owes me $100 and I’m so thrilled that I was right, right, right!

Two weeks ago, Greg and I had the distinct privilege of traveling to the gorgeous Grand Mayan Riviera Maya in Mexico to shoot Mike & Molly’s wedding.  The four of us hung out all week and laughed so much my stomach muscles hurt for days after we returned home.  (I’ve been posting some of our funny stories from the trip every few days when I have time. You can find them in the archives or under “adventures” in the tag cloud). Spending time with Mike & Molly was awesometastic. Not only did I get a good glimpse of their usual dynamic, but I also got to know Molly so much better – we had many, many great conversations about our lives, life in general and, of course, our beloved boys! I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am that my brother has found such an amazing woman and I look forward to many more years of good times with our newly extended family.

Congratulations Mike & Molly. You two are meant for each other and I wish you a lifetime of laughter during the good, bad and fugly times!

I have too many favorites from their wedding and Trash The Dress session the day after the wedding, so I’m just posting links to all of the photos on my Facebook Fan Page. Enjoy!

Mike & Molly: Wedding Day

Mike & Molly: Trash The Dress

Thanks big bro and Miss Molly. I really love you guys and miss you both already!

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