How Many Nicknames Can A Husband Give A Wife Anyway??? – Kamloops Photographer

The last couple of weeks have been crrrraaaaazzzzy, so I’ve been neglecting my blog a little. Sorry peeps.  Do you miss me?  The good news is that I’ve been working on a few different posts in my “spare” time and I’ll be posting some good ones this week.  For now, though, after this strange and interestingly revealing day, I thought I’d post a list of the nicknames Greg has come up with for me in the past five or so years. I can’t remember them all, but I’m sure some of you will refresh my memory once you read through the list.

The Evolution of Jo’s Nicknames

It all started on a cruise to Alaska when Greg decided it would be fun to call me “Joanne Joanne” every time he said my name. I should remember the scenery and the food and the company of that amazing week, but what I remember is how annoyed I was with my own name after only a couple of days.  “Hey!  Look at the whales, Joanne Joanne.”  “Hey Joanne Joanne, let’s go hot tub on the upper deck.” “Hey Joanne Joanne. What do you want for lunch.”….Arrrrggh

  1. Joanne Joanne
  2. Joannamin
  3. Jo Man (not one of my favorites…at all…seriously)
  4. Princess
  5. Princessamin
  6. Baby
  7. Baby Doll
  8. Buttercup
  9. Tits McGee (NOT COOL.  He got that from a line in the movie Anchorman and I could NOT get him to stop using it for months. Although it was only while we were at home, not in public)
  10. Cougar (also NOT one of my favorites)
  11. Cougaro
  12. Nacho Cougaro (I have no idea…at all)
  13. Princess Cougar
  14. Cougress (a cross between Princess and Cougar – My niece and nephew have been calling me Auntie Cougress for years 😦 )
  15. Cougar Booger
  16. Booger (yes, he called me nothing but Booger or Boog for two lonnnnnng months)
  17. Boojay (pronounced with a soft “j”, as in “j’ai”)
  18. Boo Boo
  19. Boo Diddley
  20. Diddley Boo
  21. Diddley, and, last but obviously not least
  22. Boo (although this one has stuck for a couple of years. Perhaps he’s come to the bottom of his nickname barrel.  One can hope!)

UPDATE: Oops, I forgot to add Super Boo, Boogress, Boo face and, of course, Booju

I know I’ve missed a few and I almost hope I never remember what they were.  I mean, come on, Tits McGee???? Okay, I admit, it does make me snort a little. This is the man I chose to marry…

Here’s a pic of him at the city softball tourney last weekend, swinging his little heart out.  I wuv him!


Good night my blog readers.  I wish you enough.

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