Developing World Connections, Kamloops Style – Kamloops Photographer

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Cam Grant asked me if I wanted to volunteer to take some shots at this year’s Developing World Connections Annual Golf Tournament and, even though I had never heard of this amazing non profit organization, I jumped at the chance to volunteer some time.  It was not only an amazing day, but an amazing experience as well and I am so grateful that Cam liked my pictures enough to think of asking me to shoot at the tournament.  Thanks Cam! (And, in case any of you are looking for an excellent hypnotherapist, you can click on Cam’s name above and check out his website and contact info).

Developing World Connections is a non profit, charitable organization that organizes trips for volunteers who want to help people in third world countries. The volunteers help rebuild villages damaged by natural disasters, install irrigation systems in drought-stricken areas, help children with reading and computer skills, etc.  Basically, instead of heading to some tropical country for your vacation and laying on a beach, drinking Margaritas for a week or two, you can opt to head out on one of the DWC projects and make a difference in some very deserving people’s lives.

Each trip consists of a couple of weeks of work, followed by a week of traveling around the area where you’re working with local guides.  Every person I spoke with who has gone on one of these trips has told me that it was “life changing” and, amazingly, every one of them was in the midst of planning a second trip or a third or…you get the picture (no pun intended).

I had a blast shooting at the tournament and I met many enthusiastic, energetic, passionate and compassionate people throughout the day, but the singlemost amazing aspect of the entire experience was the generosity and the deep pockets of our community. Just after dinner, it was announced that, even before the Live Auction had been started, the tournament had already raised over $40,000. AH MAY ZING!!!! And they say that we’re in the middle of a recession.  Ha!

If you are interested in heading out on a trip with the DWC volunteers, you can find out more about the places they go and the work they do on their website.

Here are some pics from the Golf Tournament.
























What an excellent, excellent day that was!  Goodnight everyone. I wish you all enough.

2 thoughts on “Developing World Connections, Kamloops Style – Kamloops Photographer

  1. Jo!!!

    Thanks for all your help, your huge smile, your enthusiasm, and your photography! I love all of these pictures! Getting down at turf-level, plus your POV, plus your awesome camera/lens, plus your “eye” brings me right back to that day! I can also see why you chose the canopy shadow to take pictures. Your indoor pictures faithfully capture the expression and passion on the faces of everyone. The volunteers that go on those trips have a certain aura about them dont they?

    You would be a much-welcomed participant on one of the volunteer projects! I can imagine the photos you would take in India: the faces, the gestures, the community, the fragile, the sublime, the mystical – anyway, I know I would be able to almost reach out, touch experience and inhale the essences of that country. Jo, you are of of zee the beest photographers on zee planet .. yeha! 😉

  2. Wow, very cool organization! Amazing and generous people. Great photos, love the different angles you shoot from!

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