Gratitude & Attitude – Kamloops Photographer

This past week has given me so much to be grateful for that I figured it was high time I posted another Gratitude and Attitude segment. The Secret taught me that positive thoughts bring about positive happenings and, I must say, it is soooooooo true.

I always start off with the Attitude section and end on a high note.

Today’s Attitude goes out to:

  1. Either the provincial government, City of Kamloops or the movie companies around here for NOT posting any signs that they were filming the A-Team this week out near Tranquille Creek.  I don’t read the paper or watch the news (because I generally avoid bad news at all costs), so even though it may have been mentioned by the media, I had no clue it was happening.  Greg and I loaded our bikes into the truck after dinner on Friday night and headed for the Pine Park area to look for the family of beavers who live along the creek, only to be stopped on the road for 30 minutes. The Flag Guy told Greg that they were filming in the area and they didn’t want modern vehicles in the shot, so we had to wait until they were done.  (As an aside, the irony of that was that our truck is ancient and looks all around like a POS, so we would have fit right in with the “poor area of Mexico” theme of that part of the movie.) We decided to skip that ride and headed down the hill towards Kamloops Lake to ride there instead and, once again, we were stopped and told we couldn’t go into the area because they were filming. Arrrrggh. At this point we noticed that traffic was finally being allowed onto Red Lake Road and we turned around and headed back up to our original destination, only to get there and pull in and have a guy come running up to tell us that the helicopter could see our truck and we’d have to move it.  Needless to say, we gave up and rode along the dyke out by the lake on the Rivers Trail (borrrrrrring) – at least Juno got some much-needed exercise and we had the crap scared out of us when a coyote howled right beside the trail where we had stopped (a whole pack was in the area and calling to each other).  All of this could have been avoided if whoever was in charge of the whole deal would have posted some signs along the road (well before the Red Lake Road turnoff) that explained what was going on in the area.  There were about 20 other vehicles in line with us, many of them with dirt bikes or bikes in their trucks as well, and not one person we talked to had a clue that the road was going to be closed.  Like I said, a simple sign would have sufficed and kept people from waiting in line for nothing. Pine_Park__(13_of_27)
  2. The dude who passed me on Mission Flats Road today (on a solid yellow while I was doing the speed limit) and then slowed down right in front of me and pulled to the side of the road, rolling his window down and screaming at me for “going so bleepity bleeping slow”. He then passed me a second time just after the first set of railroad tracks. I wonder where he was going in such in a hurry and why he felt the need to road rage at me for doing the speed limit and obeying the rules of the road.  Late for work perhaps?  I dunno, but he definitely made me call him a few choice labels as I drove on behind him.

Today’s Gratitude goes out to:

  1. Megan Kathleen Johnson. 13 years old yesterday and an absolutely delightful niece to have! So grateful for her and for any time I get to spend with her. Good job Mike & Sharon on making such a great kid!Edm_July_2009_-5318
  2. Jessica Claire  for her amazing Shootsac. I just got mine yesterday and I am completely and totally in love with my new camera accessories bag.  It hold six lenses and all the extra stuff (cell phone, wallet, business cards, extra memory cards and batteries, etc. ) all in one stylish bag.  It even comes with interchangeable covers so I can change them to suit my mood of the day.  What a smart, smart, smart invention.  Love this bag.  Love her work.  Love. Love. Love.
  3. Showit web sites for making it SO freakin’ easy for me to create my new website and get all of the amazingly flattering feedback I’ve been getting in the last little while…oh yah, and for the three brides who saw my website this week and said, “Yes!  That is the photographer I want for my big day!”  Showit is so professional looking and easy to work with that I would recommend it to every photographer I know!
  4. Mama Fluf’s Pumpkin Pie. Always makes me say, “yum yum” and feels like comfort food for the soul.  The best.
  5. Set For Life. Last week I cleaned out my office and found six old Set For Life tickets with free tickets on them. I took them all in and got new ones and I won $150!  Woot Woot. Of course, in my lifetime I’ve probably spent twice that on Set For Life tickets, but it still felt really good to finally win something on one.
  6. Yesterday’s bike ride with Greggor and Juno. Finally made it to Pine Park and we had SOOOOO much fun playing in Tranquille Creek, finding snakes and riding through the creek where it crossed the road!  It was a beautiful day and our good mood was infectious and lasted all the way into today! Yay for Saturdays with my boys and without having to work!
  7. Sunday morning with my boys. Spent snuggling and giggling and filling up our tanks to brimming with love, love, love.
  8. Sunday afternoons and country music. A slow two-step in the living room and soft kisses on my neck to let me know I’m loved and appreciated.  *sigh*. Perfect moments like those should always be soaked up and reveled in.

To finish off, here are a few pics of our bike ride adventure yesterday. I love my hub and my furry boy so much.



Greg and Juno are sitting on the ledge of an old water intake that was active in the 70’s (I think. It may have been in the 80’s as well)



The next pic shows the ledge that Juno fell off of last September. It’s about ten feet and had almost no water in it when he fell off. He landed on his back in the creek bottom and Greg and I panicked and thought he’d broken something, but he just jumped up, shook it off and started running again. We don’t let him on those ledges anymore ;).


It’s hard to ride and snap pics at the same time…Pine_Park__(18_of_27)

Greg couldn’t resist riding through the creek wherever it crossed the road.



And, of course, Juno had to swim and fetch as many sticks as possible.







Juno finally saw Mr. Snake and jumped about four feet in the air because he was freaked out. What can I say, he’s a bit of a Fraidy Dog!



And last, but not least, another water shot. Goodnight my friends. I wish you enough.


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