Awesome Mom Free Photo Shoot Winner: Christine In The Boudoir – Kamloops Boudoir Photographer

Last month I held a contest for a free photo shoot for one AWESOME mom out there.  I asked mom’s to write me a quick paragraph outlining the reasons they felt they deserved to win a free Boudoir or Anytime shoot. I also left the contest open to anyone who wanted to enter on behalf of an Awesome Mom and I was pleased and amazed to get a ton of entries for the contest.  Obviously, there are a lot of Awesome Moms out there. Alas, there could only be one winner, but thanks to all of the ladies (and their friends and family members) who wrote in with their reasons, all of them good, for wanting to win!

The winner was a lady named Christine.  Her sister Sarah nominated her with the following:

I would like to nominate my sister, Christine Hubbard, for your contest. Christine is my eldest sister, the
“leader” among the three girls in our family, yet her self esteem has never been spectacular, despite the
fact that she is a beautiful woman who is intelligent (she had stellar grades in university throughout her
business degree) and successful (she runs her own business as a chartered accountant), with a fantastic
sense of humour (she never fails to make me, and everyone else in her life, laugh) and who is a
wonderful mother to her two children (they are witty and intelligent themselves; I think that speaks for
itself!). The last year has been very difficult for her, yet as tends to happen in times of turmoil, it has
also been a transformation for her which I think will eventually be for the better. She is currently in the
process of a divorce, but has maintained such strength throughout the events of the last year of
separation. She has also lost 50 pounds through this ordeal, as she has finally begun to realize her self
worth, beginning to pay attention to what she wants and needs, instead of worrying only about what
her husband’s needs and wants were. After years of not having enough time to do the things she liked,
she has now become an avid runner, recently taking part in a half marathon in Vancouver, with another
half marathon coming up in Las Vegas this fall. Running has afforded her some time to reflect on life,
and hopefully enjoy it, despite the stresses it currently holds for her.
Despite these glimpses of self confidence I’m beginning to see shining through, Christine could really use
a confidence boost in a major way. She always describes herself as “terribly non‐photogenic” and never
chooses to show herself off. I hope that with her new image emerging, a photo shoot with you, Jo,
could bring out the confident person I know she has hidden away. Please consider Christine as your
contest winner—I know it would make a big difference for her!

Many thanks to Sarah for nominating her sister and to my girl friend in Vancouver for reading through all of the entries and choosing the winner.

When I first contacted Christine, she said that the idea of doing a Boudoir shoot “scared the pants” off of her – no pun intended (snicker, snicker) – but she decided that she needed to go out on a limb and get out of her comfort zone. Good girl! I wish more women would throw caution to the wind and come and see me for a shoot. I know you’d all be amazed at how easy it is to remind you of how beautiful you all are!

The day of the shoot dawned and I set up the studio and did all of my equipment checks and waited for the big winner to arrive. I must admit that I was giddy with anticipation and practically jumping up and down inside my skin, waiting to start the shoot.  Christine arrived hopped up on Starbucks, so our energies were much the same and we got right to it.

I could tell she was nervous.  I mean, who wouldn’t be nervous to take most of the their clothes off in front of a total stranger??? However, I also knew that her nervousness would disappear quickly once we started shooting and I started talking to her and making her laugh and putting her at ease.  My first thought when I saw her was, “Holy toledo, this woman is gorgeous. How can she have such low self-esteem?” I made up my mind to make sure she knew, by the time she walked out my door, just how amazing and beautiful she was. I think I succeeded. Here’s the testomonial she gave me (and she hasn’t even seen her pics yet):

“I am the winner of Jo’s Awesome Mom constest and had I not been entered (without my knowledge) by my wonderful, amazing, gorgeous sister, I never, never, NEVER in a million years would have considered a boudoir session.  I almost chickened out and opted for a regular (fully dressed!) photo session.  My friends assured me that I should definitely do the boudoir pics and that I would never regret it.  To say I was apprehensive would be a bit of an understatement.  In addition to the fear of hanging out in my undies – with the lights on! – I have always had a problem smiling for a camera.  I don’t know why but if there is a camera in front of my face, I freeze and do a deer-in-the-headlights-eyes-bugged-out stare and a funny constipated smile.  Jo eased my anxiety on both levels.  I didn’t have to say cheese once.  All my smiles were genuine because we were having a ton of fun.  Jo cracked jokes and kept telling me how great the pictures were turning out, which made me feel a lot more at ease.  I left feeling sexy and beautiful and in an all round fantastic mood from having a fun afternoon.  Jo has a wonderful gift – both with the camera and with her ability to relate to people and set them at ease.”

Thank you again Jo.  I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures – as is my boyfriend!!  Hahaha!!”

Aint she sweet!  If I could say one thing about Christine to describe her, the word vivacious immediately comes to mind. Okay, I could probably add lighthearted, exuberent, playful, jolly…you get the picture.  Her laugh is deep and comes from the belly and just made me want to laugh along with her and her smile – the smile that she described as a “funny constipated smile” – it could light up this whole town when she was relaxed and forgot about the camera.  Beautiful, that’s what she is! I’m stoked that she enjoyed the shoot and I’m so pleased at how her pics turned out. Before we got started, I asked her which parts of her body she liked and disliked and then I worked around the parts she disliked and focused on the parts she was comfortable with. The results?  Breathtaking.

I won’t post many here because she hasn’t had a chance to see the pics yet, but I’m going to post my favorite “clean” pics!

Starting with this one (which isn’t actually a pic included in the proofs I’ll be giving her, but conveys her personality SO well:))) C’mon, laughing hysterically while half naked??? She’s my kind of peeps!


The following pics are my favorites from the shoot.





Thank you Christine, for making my first ever contest a complete success and for having the courage to get out of your comfort zone and walk on the wild side for a litte while!  I hope you talk to all of the beautiful moms you know and convince them that they need to do a boudoir shoot too so they, too, can feel empowered by their femininity once again.

Everybody stay tuned for next month’s contest! I’m sooooo excited about it that I can hardly contain myself. You’ll just have to wait a little bit longer!

14 thoughts on “Awesome Mom Free Photo Shoot Winner: Christine In The Boudoir – Kamloops Boudoir Photographer

  1. I LOVE the pictures……As a mom we have a tendency of forgetting that we were once that sexy woman…..After kids we tend to lose that part of ourselves…..Congrats on bringing that back out, we all need to feel sexy and from Christine’s pictures you can see that spark in her eyes…Excellent

  2. Holy Crap Jo!!! This is the first I’m seeing of the pics. I can’t wait to see the rest of them! You rock!!

  3. oh my god you kept this from me you vixen you are so beautiful you have inspired me to get on with it get on with living with enjoying life and being so thankful for all the gifts we have. I love you christyhorvath

  4. Oh my god you kept this from me????? you are so beautiful it inspires me to get on with it get on with living and be thankful for the gifts that we have everyday, you hotty love you christy

  5. HOLY CRAP is right! Christine you look frickin’ AMAZING! Well, of course you are for every reason Sarah mentioned and more, but these pics show you are SMOKIN’ HOT. My jaw damn near smacked off my keyboard. I’m so glad you opted for the Boudoir shoot and I’m sure E will appreciate it too! 🙂

  6. I am crying my eyes out!!! Christine, this entire ‘story’ is so inspiring. I love you!!! You are not only amazing inside, but absolutely gorgeous outside. SMOKIN’ HOT is right!!! I can see your happiness in these pictures, for that, congratulations! Love you. xoxo

  7. OMG, Christine!! Im not surprised for a minute that you look so fantastic; I’ve always said you’re a beautiful person, inside and out. Im so happy for you that Jo was able to catch it on camera 🙂 MUAH!!

  8. What an inspiring story! I don’t know you Christine, but thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and reminding all of us to embrace who we are and to have fun! Your photos are AMAZING! Great job Jo!

  9. Christine – Reading your sisters letter sent chills through my body. You so deserved to win!! Jumping . The pictures are absolutely incredible. You should be very proud of yourself and I am sure your beau is going to love them. out of your comfort zone – you go girl!!! That is what life is all about and I am so happy that you have embraced life. 🙂

  10. I was hesitant when I heard Christine was doing a boudoir shoot but after seeing these pics, I am sooooo glad she did. Jo, you did an amazing job and my beautiful daughter looks as lovely as always. How nice to have such a wonderful sister to write such beautiful words about you and allow/push you into this shoot. So glad you had fun with it. Enjoy the photos.

  11. These photos are breathtaking! You look absolutely amazing Christine, and Jo, you’ve done a fantastic job, once again! Thanks to you both–this has put a big giant smile on my face 🙂

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