Have You Been To The Ruby Room Yet? – Kamloops Photographer

Recently, my friend Shannon (who has a magnetic personality that invites people in and makes us all want to hang out with her as often as possible!!!!) decided that she was bored with her job pushing numbers and she jumped out on a limb and bought the Ruby Room store downtown at 145 Victoria Street (beside Bikini Bills).

Is the Ruby Room just another store?  Oh no, my friends, it is sooooo much better.


The store carries brand names – Lacoste, Coach, Nine West, lululemon, Fendi, Bebe, Guess, DKNY, Tiffany Alana, etc. – and specializes in high end new and recycled clothes. Yes, that’s what I said – recycled. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

You can take your unwanted, high-end brand name clothes to Shannon at the Ruby Room and she pays you for the items she will sell in the store. Here’s how it works. When she prices the item, she pays you 35% cash or 50% in store credit of her ticketed price. So, if she decides to sell your snakeskin-looking, sexy black Guess boots for $100, she’ll give you $35 cash or $50 in store credit. Anything that she doesn’t use, she donates to the Women’s Shelter – gotta love that!

That’s all cool, but the BEST part of the Ruby Room is that there are no two items that are the same. We’re talking totally unique, one of a kind (in the Kamloops area anyway) clothing.  How awesometastic is that!!!!!  How often, in our “small” town, do you see other people wearing the same clothes as you? I am a huge fan of hunting for funky clothes that fit my personality and this store is definitely the place to do it, especially because everything is so affordable!

I took some pics to allow you to get a feel for the store and see some of the wonderfully unique items Shannon carries.



































In addition to the store and it’s awesome recycling plan, Shannon’s sister, Michelle, is also setting up an aesthetics studio in the loft above the store. She’ll be offering biosculpt gel nails, full-service waxing (including Brazilians, my brave friends!!!), manis, pedis and lash tinting.  So, you can head over to get a mani/pedi and then spend some time finding a perfect outfit to suit your mood.

Let me tell you, I love the idea of being able to find an outfit that will not only suit my personality, but will also be unique to me!

BTW, if any of you have any jewelry that you are trying to get rid of, Shannon is always looking for more!

Okay, now that you’ve seen some of the amazing stuff that Shannon has at The Ruby Room, drop what your doing and go check it out. No, seriously, get going…

6 thoughts on “Have You Been To The Ruby Room Yet? – Kamloops Photographer

  1. The Ruby Room is AWESOME! Have been back twice to see all the neat new items they have, and came home with a few treasures. A real must on your things to see and do!!

  2. Thanks, Lorraine, for the reminder about this wonderful shop .. I’ve been in to browse only once and now I am determined to get back there .. perhasp today!

  3. Love the store (all sorts of neat treasures) … when the kids come back to town it’s always a favourite place to go downtown in the afternoon then on to Peter’s for Pasta!! Thanks for the reminder – will pop in soon and say hi to Shannon.
    Gemma Gowling.

  4. Thanks for the great write-up Jo-Jo! What a fun place, can’t wait to see a bunch of new faces!! -Shannon (Owner of The Ruby Room)

  5. Will definitely stop in this weekend when we are in town! I love the black button-up jacket – no one buy it ok!

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