Meet The Kelly’s – Minus Dad – Kamloops Family Photographer

A couple of weeks ago, I headed out to Riverside Park to meet Barb Kelly and her kids for a quick shoot. I’ve known Barb since I was a kid in Logan Lake and I’d never met her kids, but I instantly loved them.  Mackenzie and Liam were adorable, hilarious and totally willing to do whatever I asked them…and then some! The shoot went by so fast and I spent a lot of it laughing at their antics and enjoying seeing Barb again after such a long time. Before I knew it, we were done and I was a little sad, but when I downloaded their photos later that night, I busted a gut laughing at some of their pics. Those kids are total hams in front of the camera. In fact, I wish all kids were as fun and easy to work with as these two were and I hope Barb and her husband love the hilarity of the pics as much as I do.

Here are my faves from the shoot.




12x12 collage copy (800 x 800)

monkey bars (700 x 550)




And this one, which makes me say, “Awwwwwww…”


I’ll be posting the rest of the session in a few days when Barb and her family have seen them.

Thanks Barb and family, for hiring me to take your pics and for being such good sports during the shoot. It was really fun!

Good night blog readers. I wish you enough.

3 thoughts on “Meet The Kelly’s – Minus Dad – Kamloops Family Photographer

  1. Your blogs and your pictures make for an even brighter day! You have an amazing gift of photography and I will never be able to stop staying that. I am so proud to know you and have you in my life!!!

  2. I LOVE THE KELLY’S. They are adorable and these pictures are priceless! Now I need some of my kids like this. Great Work!

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