Showit Tech Support and Pomegranate Seeds – Kamloops Photographer

Ugh!  I just heard from one of my potential Brides and it wasn’t good news. She told me she chose to go with another photographer who offered a Full Day package.  At first I was really confused because I do offer a Full Day package, so I whipped open my website packages page and had a lil looksy. Wouldn’t you know it, the way I have my packages worded sounds as though I only offer four hours of coverage for all of the packages. In reality, each package starts with four hours of coverage and the couples can add as many hours more coverage as they want all the way up to a Full Day. Oopsy Daisy.

Once I saw that, I immediately clicked on my Showit tab to open up my site and reword the packages, only to get an error message that I can’t get into the site because the program that runs it has been corrupted somehow and I have to reinstall it.  TOTAL PANIC!!! I spent a long time creating my site so that it is perfectly me and now I’m stressed that I’ll have to reinstall the entire program and lose all of the pages I created. I just can’t imagine having to do it all over again. And, even though I am fairly computer savvy, I just couldn’t bring myself to reinstall anything, so I sent in a support ticket to Showit with a plead for help. I know they will lay all of my fears to rest because their customer service is exemplary and rocks my socks (prrrrrrrrrr…)! Now I’m patiently waiting to hear from the Showit Tech Gods and I’m hoping against hope that other Brides and Grooms are not being duped into believing I would ever offer only four hours of coverage for a wedding. Egads!

I’m so cool that I spend Saturday mornings waiting for tech support and slowly chewing the fleshy parts around pomegranate seeds until all the yummy juicyness is gone. Yep, cool. That’s how I roll.

While I’m waiting…here’s a sneak peak of the upcoming blog about the Walkers and the Zakalls. Their kids are too cute!

Here’s Calvin, looking hard for Dora in my lens…lol. He just couldn’t seem to find her!



And here’s Kessa, who looks a lot like Cindy Loo Who…


And Maia, whom I think may have a touch of mischief in her!!!


I should be blogging about our crazy, rainy day shooting experience in the next couple of days!

Until then, I’ll just be hanging out here, waiting and waiting and waiting…;)

One thought on “Showit Tech Support and Pomegranate Seeds – Kamloops Photographer

  1. 🙂 don’t worry – all your data should be safe and sound. We keep everything stored online as well as on your computer so even if something goes bad on your computer you can login on any computer and your site will be ready to go. Our support staff will probably be out for the weekend but if you want to give it a shot on another computer just download Showit and login and everything should show up for you.

    My best,

    (writing from beautiful Austria)

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