Meet The Cookes – Kamloops Family Photography

Years ago when Greg and I first started seeing each other, he was living with his good friend Kris. It just so happened that two weeks before Greg and I hooked up, Kris starting seeing his future wife, Tori.  For a few months, we all hung out while Kris lived here, but the time came when Kris and Tori wanted to get a place of their own (probably because of Greg’s rants on Friday nights about the messy house, lol) and Kris moved out. At first, Greg and I were stoked to have the place to ourselves, but after a few weeks, we really started to miss having Kris and Tori around. I’d go so far as to say Greg was a bit depressed for a couple of months because he missed Kris so much. Awwww, that’s so sweet.

Luckily, Kris and Tori liked us enough to keep coming back (except on Friday nights ;)) and, over the years, they have become one of our best couple friends!  A few years ago they moved to Clearwater and, even though it’s an hour and a half away, we still manage to see them once in awhile. Greg and Kris have the same motorbikes (KLR 650) and they thoroughly enjoy leaving behind the wives for the weekend and exploring the province.  It makes me smile to think about how excited they get when they go off adventuring!  Like little boys with the best toys EVER.  Hilarious.

Last September, Kris & Tori were blessed with a baby son, Evan, and last Saturday we FINALLY went out to do a family session.  It’s been tough to coordinate it with them living in another town and trying to balance two careers and a baby at the same time. I must say, though, I am totally stoked with the results and some of the pics made me tear up because they really seem to capture what an amazing family dynamic they have going on.

Before I post the pics, I just want to say a few words about both Kris and Tori because they really are just amazing people.

Kris is super easy going and he always seems to be smiling (well, smirking a little actually). He has a way of making other people feel calm and I always feel like I should just take it down a few notches when I’m around him and just settle into his mellow, feel good mood. Kris is like a human Mandala (in some cultures, Mandalas are used in meditation for establishing a sacred peace) – he makes you feel calm and centered and just here in the moment. And Tori gets to live with him every day.  Lucky girl.

Tori, on the other hand, is a tad livelier than Kristian. She’s also positive and upbeat and loves to giggle. Greg and I love her giggle because it makes us want to giggle too. Tori is one of the kindest, friendliest people I’ve ever known and she has always made me feel good when we’re hanging out. I know she has days when she’s a big ball of stress, but no matter what happens, she never stays down for long and she’s always ready to smile and bring up that irrepressible giggle.  And Kris gets to hear that giggle every day. Lucky boy.

And then there’s Evan. I think he may have a bit of a crush on me. A few months back we went up to Clearwater to visit the gang and Evan seemed to be quite happy to let me hold him and tickle him and make him giggle (just like his mom, only smaller!). Maybe babies just have a thing for me or maybe it’s because I can make really good farty sounds to keep them entertained (maybe that reminds Evan of his dad ;)). Whatever it is, I’m smitten with him and, even though Kris and Tori insisted he was a bit cranky during the shoot, I still enjoyed every moment of it.

Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot. I have a lot of favorites from this shoot, but I don’t want to keep you all day!  Enjoy the pics, my friends.







I realize in this next pic that Tori’s eyes are closed, but I LOVE the expression on Kris’s face as he’s looking at her – like, Man oh Man do I love my wife!!!



He was getting pretty tired of my camera at this point. This pic makes me laugh. Tickle. Tickle. Tickle.


And who could resist the old “throw the baby in the air” shot???



These last two are probably my faves of the entire shoot. Evan was trying to share with his goldfish with me in the first one (even though his little hands were freezing). So sweet!



And my alltime fave, keeping Evan warm.


Kris, Tori and Evan, thank you so much for allowing me to shoot your family photos this year. We love you guys all the way up to the moon and back.

Good night blog readers. I wish you all enough!

2 thoughts on “Meet The Cookes – Kamloops Family Photography

  1. Tori & Kris, these are wonderful pics of all of you!They grow so fast you will always cherish these I’m sure.

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