Meet The Walkers and The Zakalls – Maybe The Wazakalls – Kamloops Family Photographer

Sometimes I just don’t get the amazing weather I’m hoping for during an outdoor shoot – this was one of those times.

Ha Ha Ha…that reminded me of something my niece did to make me laugh a long time ago. This is totally off topic, but she was about eight years old and she was writing on sticky notes and leaving them all over my house. When I woke up, there were two sticky notes on my fridge. One said, “Matthew, sometimes you are not very smart,” and the other one said, “This is one of those times.”  Matt’s my nephew and, even though it wasn’t a very nice thing for an older sister to say to her little brother, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. Kids are hilare!

Anywho, back to the shoot with the bad weather…

Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t mind doing shoots in crummy weather. In fact, I think that a rainy day shoot can be absolutely fantastic if I have the kind of subjects who aren’t opposed to playing in the rain a bit and I have someone to hold an umbrella over me and the camera to keep the lens from getting soaked and fogging up.  Unfortunately, the day of the shoot I didn’t have an assistant, nobody really seemed keen on hanging out in the rain and, well, the weather was really crummy. However, all was not lost and I managed to grab some good shots of the Walkers while we waited for the Zakalls to arrive.

I’ve known Kathy for a few years (we used to work together and I’ve blogged about her before on this post) and I’ve always thought she was absolutely hilarious. We need to hang out more, but just can’t seem to find extra time (I’m sure everyone can totally relate) to schedule play dates with ourselves!!!  I was fairly excited to do Kathy’s family shoot this year because it marked an anniversary of sorts for me (one year since I started shooting families) and she really liked her pics from last year. I hope this year brings a repeat performance, despite the weather.

Kathy’s hubby, Cory, is always so quiet that I never really get a chance to get to know him, but I like him anyway because it’s so easy to see how much he loves his family. And then there’s Calvin. What a doll.  Curly blond hair. Big blue eyes. Big smile. What’s not to like. I admit that I spent more time shooting just him than I did the rest of the family, but he was just so smiley and happy that I couldn’t help it.

Cory’s sister, Stacy, also came over to do a family shoot and I also did their family shots last year. What a difference a year makes. Their youngest daughter, Kessa, was about three weeks old last year when I did their pics and she’s grown up so much (and she’s crazy adorable to boot). Their eldest daughter, Maia, is beautiful and smiley and giggly – so fun. And their son, Talon, seems to enjoy making crazy faces as soon as I point the camera at him – either that or he doesn’t smile at all.  And, even though Dave and Stacy didn’t seem to enjoy our little excursion into the rain, they were troopers about it and I was grateful that they went for my suggestions!

Here are my favorites from our shoot.











Good times.  Thanks Cory, Kathy, Calvin, Stacy, Dave, Talon, Maia and Kessa. And, I must say, I’m looking very forward to shooting Kathy’s baby belly in December and to the new Walker arrival early next year!

2 thoughts on “Meet The Walkers and The Zakalls – Maybe The Wazakalls – Kamloops Family Photographer

  1. well i’m not too sure but i’m pretty confident that there was a grant in those pictures as well :)… perhaps the Granwalkall’s???

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