Meet The Bolsters – Kamloops Family Photographer

A few months ago, Logan Lake Elementary school was having a fundraiser to upgrade their playground, so I donated a photography session as one of their raffle prizes.  I’m pleased to announce that Dana Bolster won the session and we finally managed to hook up for it a few weeks ago while I was in Logan Lake shooting a few other families.

The Bolsters – Blair and Dana and their three sons, Riley, Levi and Jake – were a fantastic bunch.  The boys really loved to laugh – I’m not kidding, they really, really loved to laugh – so much so that we had to take a five minute break almost as soon as the shoot began so they could all get their giggles out.  I asked them to play a game of tag and they were all too happy to oblige me.   As you can see, they were having a great time.


Once that was out of the way, we got right down to business…well, sort of.  All I can say is that the Bolsters were my third “three boy family” of the day and even though I’d found my stride by that point and was just going with the “boy” flow, I can only imagine what it must be like to take on three boys on a daily basis.  Kudos to Dana for having to ride reign over four “boys” on a regular basis (sorry Blair!!).

I always start out my shoots doing the formal, posed shots to get them out of the way and then it’s always on to bigger and better fun stuff.  After that first hiccup (in the form of a huge giggle fest), everything flowed like water and we were done before I knew it.

Here are my faves from our shoot.

This little guy (Jake) is such a doll. I kept calling him Jacob Two Two (but I’m not sure if he’s ever heard of Jacob Two Two and The Hooded Fang)









Thanks Bolster Family. That was great fun and I’m happy I got to know you a little bit!

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