Meet The McGarys – Minus A Tiger – Kamloops Family Photographer

Years ago, while I was growing up in Logan Lake (okay, as if I ever really grew up…), I went to school with the McGary kids. Tiger was a few years older than me, so I don’t remember much about him except he had a great laugh.  A few weeks ago, I was pleased to meet and photograph his wife, Pauline and three boys, Declan, Kieran and Ronan (I hope I’ve got those names correct!!). It’s too bad I didn’t get a chance to catch up with Tiger, but I figure he was working or sleeping or just generally avoiding having his picture taken like so many other men I know!

I did have a great time shooting his boys, though. They were hilarious and rambunctious and definitely NOT camera shy.  Oh, and they were super cute too!

Here are my faves from the shoot.




Anyone for a nice game of tag???


And, of course, boys will be boys!


The McGarys were the first of many shoots that day and they set the tone for the fun that ensued all day long.

I love photographing rambunctious kids. They are just so fun and full of energy. Thanks boys and Pauline. Maybe next time Tiger will join you for a family photo??

One thought on “Meet The McGarys – Minus A Tiger – Kamloops Family Photographer

  1. Thank you very much. It was a lot of fun, I have never done a photo shoot where you had to run so much…lol. It was great!!

    Thanx Jo

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