The Haukenesses One Year Later – Kamloops Family Photographer

Last year, Brad and Bobby-Jo and their kids were one of the first families I photographed. I’m not sure if it showed, but I was SO nervous and I kept thinking to myself, Please let these pictures look good. Please let these pictures look good. On the surface, I tried to portray a calm confidence, but I was honestly twisted up into knots on the inside with the fear of failure!  Lucky me, they loved their photos and they made sure I knew it. (Thanks guys. That meant so much to me). You can read about their first family session with me here.

This year, I took them to my favorite spot out by the mill. There’s beach and forest, so we can shoot in both and get some variety, not to mention the Fall colors out there are spectacular. Perhaps I should have warned BJ that she was going to have to bush whack a little and then she could have worn something more conducive to forest walking besides her heeled boots (sorrrrryyyyy :(((  ), but it was much more entertaining with her wearing them anyway! LOL.

In a nutshell, the shoot was a hoot! The kids were willing to do anything I asked (and then some) and the youngest, Jaxon, had no problem with looking at me and the camera this year – last year he wasn’t so keen on Big Blacky being in his face all the time! We basically ambled along and I took pics when the opportunity arose and when the kids shouted, “Take a picture of me doing…”!  Hilarious.

Did I mention I love this family?  Well, I do.  You really couldn’t ask for a nicer family to hang out with.  They always make me feel so welcomed and always leave me wanting to hang out with them more often.  And, well, Brad and BJ are fun peeps. You should ask them about the time we all went to the Toby Keith concert together last year…good times!

Here are my faves from the shoot.

What a really, really ridiculously good looking family!


No, I’m serious. Ridiculously good looking!


Brooke seems to enjoy anything to do with trees – climbing them, hanging off them, hugging them…


In this pic, Jaxon is laughing because BJ fell off the log.  They had quite the little gigglefest over it!


It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s Super Brooke!


And Super Hunter!


This is my #1 fave of the entire shoot.  I’ve just recently started getting out of my comfort zone and shooting into the sun and I’m loving it more and more each time! I love how it makes people look like they have a glow around them!


I love Brad’s face expression in this one. Just a dad, loving the time he gets to spend playing with his kids.  And, although you can’t see it, Abby (the dog) was licking Brooke’s face the entire time I was shooting pics of the family lying in the leaves!  Hilarious.


In this one, I love how Jaxon is holding on to his daddy’s arm!  So cute.


I really love the light in this pic of Hunter between the trees!


It was crazy bright out, but the tree that Brooke and Hunter were lying on was in a nearly perfect amount of shade and this pic turned out quite nice.


In this pic, I love how Abby (even though she’s so teensy tiny) is in the middle of everybody, just like our dog Juno tends to be – the center of attention!


And lastly, this pic makes me laugh out loud and kinda grosses me out at the same time!


Thanks Brad, BJ, Brooke, Hunter, Jaxon and Abby – I can’t wait to do this all over again next year and the year after that and the year after that…:)

Totally love you guys!

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