Meet The Routhiers – Kamloops Family Photographer

I’ve done a lot of family shoots lately and I feel as though I’m really finding my groove and relaxing into them like never before.  When I first started shooting families, I worried now and then that I wouldn’t be able to get any good shots if the kids wouldn’t listen to me. However, after a couple of shoots with wild kids, I started to realize that all I can really do is keep the camera ready, follow the family around and trust that the shots will come as long as I’m prepared to take them.  Suddenly, my family shoots started getting easier and easier and much more enjoyable.  I no longer get butterflies as I’m driving to meet my family clients. Instead, I feel calm anticipation because, no matter what happens, I trust myself and I have the confidence to capture a family being themselves, no matter what’s going on. I’ve stopped imagining how a shoot will go before it starts. Instead, I go in with no expectations and just trust my instincts and creativity and, you know what, I think it’s working for me!

Last Saturday, I did a family shoot for Mike and Diane Routhier and despite the fact that it was freezing outside and their little guy, Owen, wasn’t feeling fantastic, we rocked it anyway! We also had Alex and Zowe (Owen’s big sisters) there to keep us (and Owen) entertained. They were great at helping me get his attention and at keeping him looking at the camera. And they obviously love him to bits – such good girls.  The Routhiers are fantastic people – easy to talk to, calm when things didn’t go as well as they could have with the weather and Owen’s mood, and it was really easy to see that Mike and Diane are good parents and that they love their family. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I see kids really respond to their parents in such a positive way.

So, in a nutshell – the weather was brrrrrrr chilly, Owen did really well for not feeling well and being just shy of two years old and I had a great time.  The rest is just gravy!

Here are my favorites from the shoot.


I really can’t do a shoot with a toddler and not grab a few “throw your kid up in the air” shots.  They are just too cute!



I really love this shot of Mike and his kids.

And no one was sure what Owen was saying in this shot, but he was definitely telling them his plans.  I love Alex’s face expression as she looks down at her little brother. LOL.

And check out all the goat faces pressed up against the fence waiting for Owen to feed them.

And I had to add these last two because Owen was having a meltdown and Diane looks like her heart could break because of it. He was just really cold and pretty much done by then. I love the last pic because I can see how much she loves him and is doing her best to comfort him. Awww…so sweet and precious are the moments when kids are little like this.

Thanks again Diane, Mike, Alex, Zowe and Owen (and Jester too). I’m glad to have met you and look forward to working with you again.


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