Free Family Photo Shoot Contest for December – Kamloops Photographer Jo LeFlufy

Hey peeps! It’s that time of the month again…time for this month’s Free Photo Shoot Contest! Last month’s contest was for a free couples boudoir shoot and the winners, who live in Vancouver, have requested that we do the shoot in May or June next year so we can do it outside (rain or shine, I might add). I think that is awesometastic!

This month’s contest is for a Family Session. I’m picturing lots of snow, red noses, snowman building, snowball fights, snow angels and all sorts of other fun family activities that families don’t usually have the opportunity to capture while they are outside playing. This is, of course, because one person in the family always has to take the pics. And, even though I am not usually a lover of cold weather, I’ve decided to embrace it this year and say BRING IT ON!


  1. Be a Family (two to twenty people , doesn’t really matter how big or small and animals are welcome)
  2. Love Winter
  3. Email me a picture of your family with some inspiring words about why your family loves Winter so much!
  4. Be willing to do an outdoor shoot in the snow!
  5. Deadline to enter is December 31, 2009

The shoot will last approximately one hour and all of your photos will be uploaded to my Pictage site where you’ll be given a $25 credit to buy some prints (or the digital files you like on a disc).

This is a great opportunity for families who wouldn’t normally want to spend money on a photographer to get the chance to shake it for my camera and walk away with a few nice pics! Email your submissions to

I look very forward to receiving your submissions and look forward to getting to know you all a little bit.

Guess who really LOVES Winter??? Greg took these last year!

Have a great weekend everybody! I wish you enough…

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