Congratulations to the Free Family Photo Shoot Winners for December!

I’m stoked to say that I finally finished going through all of the 83 entries I received for December’s contest for a Free Winter Family Photo Shoot. The emails I received were hilarious, heartwarming, full of grief and a few were just plain odd, but I enjoyed reading all of them and was amazed at how inspiring they were and how much they made me want to get out there and take up some new winter hobbies. One couple even sent me a picture of themselves, naked, ice fishing. They claimed it was good for the circulation and the fishing kept their minds off the intense cold…I believe I will classify that one as one of the “odd” entries.

The winning family is the Calhoun Family from the Chase area. I laughed so hard when I read their email that it instantly went into my “good chance we have a winner” pile and here is what they had to say about what they love most about winter:

Hi Jo. A friend told us about your monthly contests and we keep meaning to enter them, but you haven’t had a contest until now that we could use for the whole family. We love your pictures (you shot our friend Jen’s wedding last summer and we couldn’t believe the pics! Awesome) and we’ve been dying to get some taken. My name is Randy and my wife’s name is Lisa and our girls names are Kassie and Jordalyn. Kassie is 6 and Jordie is 4. We asked the girls what they love most about winter and we wrote down what they said word for word to give you some inspiration.

Kassie: “Dear Jo. What I like most about winter is that I get to put on my pretty purple snowsuit and play in the snow. I like snow. It is cold and wet and sometimes it gets stuck in my boots. One time I peed my pants outside and, when I took my boot off and dumped out the pee, it made the snow all yellow and smelly. I cried because I got really cold, but mom said it was okay and that accidents happen. I still love snow, but I know where the yellow stuff comes from now, so I don’t put it in my snowmans… p.s. Have you ever peed into your boot before?”

Jordie: “Dear Jo. I like it when daddy pulls us around in our sled. I don’t like it when he runs too fast and our sled tips over and I fall out and scratch my face on the ice. I like to eat snow because it tastes like Christmas.”

As for Lisa and I. What we love most about winter is seeing the expressions on our kids faces each time we introduce them to something new, such as tobagganing (yes, there was a face scraping incident) or tubing at Harper Mountain. We love watching them build snow angels and catch snowflakes on their tongues and we even thought it was hilarious when Kassie stuck her tongue to the metal post on our mailbox earlier this year. I guess what I’m saying is what we love most about winter is enjoying it with our children. I hope this is what you were looking for and I hope it gives you a good laugh.”

Well, Randy, it did indeed give me a good laugh. So much so that I can’t wait to meet your family and do our winter fun shoot.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter the contest (and also to those who said such lovely things about my work). The next contest will be coming up in February and will be for a Free Baby or Belly Shoot. You can check on my website under “Upcoming Events” to see details really soon.

And keep on loving that winter season.

Here’s the pic the Calhoun family sent with their email.

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