Pregnancy Dreams – What The Heck Is That All About? – Kamloops Photographer Jo LeFlufy

In the last month, I have been having a steady stream of bizarre and often frightening dreams unlike any I have ever had before. I have never had hormone-induced dreams before and, let me tell ya, they are CRAAAAAZY! I thought it would be an interesting idea to keep a journal of all of my pregnancy dreams and, since some of them are so bizarre, I thought I should share them so you can shake your heads and wonder, along with me, if I’m turning into some sort of whack job!

Here are the most bizarre of the bunch so far:

  • The Grand Canyon. I was cruising along the edge of the GC in a four door sedan with no doors. Our old man dog, Dyogi, was sitting in the passenger seat beside me. I wasn’t just driving along the edge, though. I was actually driving ON the edge, with the driver’s side tires on solid ground and the passenger side tires hanging in the air. The radio was playing Happy Birthday Sweet 16 by Paul Anka and it was ridiculously hot outside. I decided to drive faster to generate some more wind to cool us off, but at one point, I hit a bump and the car tilted downwards. I watched in complete horror as Dyogi slid slowly off the seat and out of the car, falling into the canyon. Then I watched as his body bounced off the walls and his bones crunched and he yelped until he finally hit the bottom in a bloody, crumpled heap. I sat there suspended in the car for what seemed forever until I turned the wheel and drove down the side of the canyon (apparently my car tires were very sticky) until I reached the bottom and made my way to Dyogi’s body. He was still alive and he looked up at me and whined with the most pitiful, heart-wrenching look in his eyes and then he died right in front of me. GREAT DREAM. I woke up sobbing and practically ran to the living room to make sure he was still alive and okay. He was just fine, of course.
  • Animal Neglect. In this dream, Greg and I had bought another house and we had moved all of our belongings and most of our animals to our new home, but we had left two guinea pigs in their cages in the basement, thinking we would come back for them later that day. (As an aside, we don’t own guinea pigs, so I have no idea where this came from). A month later, while I was sitting in the living room of our new home, I suddenly realized that we had completely forgot to go back and get the little piggies. I ran outside, hopped in my old Toyota truck and spent hours trying to reach the other house, with thoughts of them going through a starvation/dehydration horror while we went about our merry lives. I drove and drove and drove and could never seem to get more than a block or two from our new house. I was sobbing and hating myself for being so thoughtless and careless with helpless animals lives and, the longer I drove, the worse the guilt and the pain in my heart became until I finally woke up, sobbing once again, and ran to the bathroom to puke my guts out. I know that there is no way that I would ever neglect an animal, so I have no idea where this dream came from either. I didn’t sleep a wink for the rest of that entire night.
  • Delilah Jane LeFlufy. One night, I had a dream that a woman came to me out in the middle of this beautiful field filled with tall green grass and white daisies. She told me that I didn’t know who she was, but that she often watches over me. She told me I would have a little girl and her name would be Delilah Jane LeFlufy and then she laughed softly and walked away. I woke up with the name Delilah and a smile on my lips!
  • The Baby In My Leg. Three nights ago, I dreamed that our baby was growing inside my upper thigh. Half of the thigh was translucent, so we could watch the baby develop and wave to it when its eyes opened. When the time came to deliver, my right thigh was huge and round, while my left was normal, and the doctor said he’d have to cut the baby out because there was no opening to deliver the baby through. So we watched while he took a scalpel and gave my leg a C section and out popped our baby – perfectly dry and fully clothed – and my leg closed itself and returned to normal size. No pain. No labor. Just a baby popping out of an unsuspecting upper thigh. I woke from that dream laughing in delight that the entire pregnancy and labor had been so darn easy!
  • My Mom Tells Me Payback Is A Bitch. Last night, I once again awoke from a dream at exactly 3:15 a.m. This has happened every night for the last four nights and, whenever this happens, it is usually because one of my dead and gone’s is trying to send me a message. This time, when I woke up from the dream, I remembered it all and knew it wasn’t the first time I’d dreamt it lately. In the dream, my mom was sitting on her green loveseat in the living room of the townhouse I grew up in. She was knitting, with her glasses pulled down on the bridge of her nose to magnify her view and she was giggling at me. I was standing in front of her with my belly protruding far out in front of me and smiling at the pink sweater she was working on for the baby. The dream just went on like that for a long time and then I finally told her that I didn’t really want to have a little girl because I didn’t want to end up with a daughter that was as much trouble as I had been when I was a teenager. At this point, my mom threw back her head and laughed her very special laugh and said, Well, sweetie. Payback’s a bitch, isn’t it! Then I woke up. So, if that was my mom’s way of trying to tell me that we’re having a girl, I guess I don’t have much choice, do I???

That’s just a few of my crazy dreams of late, but I have been filling up a journal with them each morning and I imagine they will be something that I will look back on in a few years and laugh at.

And, because posts are always better with pics, here are a few samples of the crazy green color I chose for the baby’s room. I will post more once I move all of my office furniture back into the room and set it up.

Stay tuned for many more upcoming blogs. I’ve been trying to catch up since I finally started feeling less nauseous!

Have a good day my friends. I wish you all enough…

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