Think Pink Photography – Kamloops Photographer Jo LeFlufy

Ever heard of Think Pink Photography??? No? Let me tell you about this awesome charitable organization that I joined about six months ago. Yes, even though I’ve been a member for six months, I have been having a hard time getting the word out, so I thought I’d blog about it and see if that helps!

Think Pink Photography is a charitable organization made up of a bunch of volunteer professional photographers, throughout the world, who have joined together to celebrate life and support the fight against Breast Cancer.

Through our professional photographer network, we are helping breast cancer patients to celebrate life with charitable photography sessions. An individual may choose to document her (or his) fight against the disease before or during treatment, or if she prefers, to capture her victory by scheduling a session within 12 months after treatment is completed.

Photographers world-wide are now donating time and talent to celebrate life and support the cause. There is no cost or obligation to the breast cancer patient. Clients participating in a Think Pink Session will receive a complimentary photo session, as well as a set of 10 4×6 prints from the session. They will also receive a discount on any additional portraits they wish to purchase, although there is absolutely no purchase required at any time.

I encourage you to visit the links page of my website for more information on Think Pink Photography.

Here are some examples of photos taken by some Think Pink photographers.

Unfortunately, Think Pink Photography is only open to Breast Cancer patients, which is unfortunate for all of the other cancer patients and survivors out there. It’s tough for me, too, because I would love to be able to offer complimentary sessions to all cancer patients, but I realize that I would be run off of my feet and never make any money :(. However, I would like to take this opportunity to do something for other people with cancer, so I would like to extend the same offer to ten families per year who have children with cancer.

Let’s face it, everyone has been touched by cancer in some way and, in my mind, cancer doesn’t always have to be all dark and dreary sadness. I would like to put some sunshine back into people’s lives and the best way I know how to do so is with the best tool I have in my box, my camera!

If you (or someone you know) may be interested in a complimentary Think Pink Session, please contact me at 250-320-4418 or at

And please feel free to copy the link ( ) to this blog post and send it to your friends and family!

I look forward to spreading the sunshine and documenting the courage, strength and love that always seems to emanate from people with cancer.

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