Canada, Sweet Canada! – Kamloops Photographer Jo LeFlufy

With all of this crazy Olympic hubub going on these days, I’ve been struck with renewed pride for this fantabulous country we are so fortunate to live in. Not only are most Canadians welcoming and friendly to outsiders and tourists, but most of us also realize how truly blessed and lucky we are to live in one of the best countries in the entire world. Unfortunately, I also believe that our good fortune often causes many of us to take our luck for granted and forget about why we are so fortunate.

I was thinking about this today and, to remind myself, I started listing off my favorite reasons for being Canadian and living in Canada.

Here’s my list:

  1. Four distinct seasons (well, except for this year!!!) with climates ranging from sub artic to temperate to semi-desert. You never get bored living in this country’s weather.
  2. Two words. Tim Hortons. Booyah!
  3. Bob & Doug Mackenzie. Koo loo kookoo kooloo koo koo…
  4. Leonard Cohen.
  5. Ryan Reynolds. Hilarious and hot actor who hails from Vancouver and is, unabashedly, the subject of all of my Hollywood fantasies (which adds up to  about one per year, but is always worth it).
  6. Maple Syrup. Yes, I realize it is tapped from trees in other parts of the world, but Quebec is the leading producer of Maple Syrup in the world and, as a result, it just tastes better because it comes from our country.
  7. Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world (close to 10 million square kilometers). Our coastline is the world’s longest (close to 245,000 km) including the coastlines of our 52,000 +km of  islands. This means we border three oceans (Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic). How amazing is that??? What can I say, I’m a fountain of useless Canadian trivia.
  8. Windsor, ON was the birthplace of Hockey. Woot! Woot! And Wayne Gretzky was the best hockey player ever. Period.
  9. Lacrosse originated in Canada. For anyone who has ever been hit by a lacrosse ball, OUCH – those bad boys hurt, which of course, means that lacrosse players are tough cookies.
  10. Our country has a propensity for mostly staying out of large, violent conflicts. I appreciate that.
  11. I enjoy the fact that I can speak my mind, in public, and not be beaten, maimed, persecuted or killed. There’s something to be said for living in a country where freedom of speech and belief is not a possible death sentence.
  12. While I believe that our government is sorely lacking in many areas (ethics, brains, etc.), I’m also eternally grateful for our health care system, which is accessible to everyone, rich or poor (especially poor) and I’m stoked that I don’t have to sell my house if I need stitches or break an arm.

There were a few other things that I came up with, but I can’t remember them off the top of my head. I think Tim Horton’s and Hockey is plenty to be proud of.

What do you appreciate most about Canada? Sometimes it’s nice to remind yourself of the good stuff.

What can I say, I love my country and I’m very proud of our athletes and all the amazing efforts they’ve been putting forth.

However, I think our national anthem could use a revamp, but you can’t have everything!

Goodnight my fellow Canadians. I wish you all enough…

One thought on “Canada, Sweet Canada! – Kamloops Photographer Jo LeFlufy

  1. The anthem got a revamp at the opening ceremonies – I kinda liked the new version even though they got a lot of slack for it

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