Our Latest Trip To Rabbit Island – Jo LeFlufy, Kamloops Photographer

Greg and I decided to head for Rabbit Island with Juno yesterday morning, even though we figured it might be a pain to get across the river in February. We were both surprised at how low the river was and how easy it was to get across.

Rabbit Island is directly across from MacArthur Park and it is where most of the deer in this area spend the winter months. We venture over there a few times each year because it is a huge, secluded and beautiful beach and Juno loves to follow the deer trails (and occasionally a deer or two, until they turn around and stare him down and he turns tail and runs as fast as his legs can carry him back to us). The problem with Rabbit Island is that it is only accessible by foot for a brief time each year and, even then, you have to cross through freezing, powerfully rushing water twice to get there.

Most of the time, we take the boat and head over, but if we cross by foot, Greg brings his hip waders and piggy back’s me across both crossing spots while Juno swims happily along beside us – he doesn’t seem to be bothered by freezing water.

Yesterday’s crossing was the easiest yet, despite the extra ten pounds I’ve gained since I got pregnant and the fact that piggy backing is a tad awkward with a belly sticking out in front of me!

We spent two hours exploring the island and laughing at Juno as he ran his little heart out. We also took Greg’s little Nikon D60 so Greg could practice shooting in Manual Mode (ie. setting all of the settings up himself and ignoring the Auto mode). I took a few shots too before he insisted I hand over the camera and just enjoy myself.

I must admit, I am fairly impressed with the improvement in Greg’s photography skills over the past year. I’m feeling like a proud ‘lil wifey!

Here are the pics from our adventure!

Greg always crosses in a few places first to find the easiest route and Juno always crosses with him.

And then, once we are across, Juno runs like a crazy dog for about ten minutes until his excitement is toned down a little. We stand far apart and call him back and forth between us – a little game we like to call “Juno Tag”.

Beaver sticks are Juno’s stick of choice. (These are sticks that have been stripped of bark and chewed up by beavers).

It is SO pretty over there. This is a view from Rabbit Island to Mac Park.

Like I said, Juno doesn’t seem to be bothered by the frigid water temperatures in February! He hung out in the water, chewing on his beaver stick for ten minutes before I made him get out again because I was worried he’d become hypothermic.

Alright dog, get out of the water…”Ah, don’t get me wet!”

Shakey! Shakey!

Watching his beloved stick float away down the river 😦

And now it’s time to find some mice. This dog loves to hunt mice, but never does anything when he finds them – just jumps a few feet in the air and looks at them as though he has no idea what they are!

kamloops photographer Jo LeFlufy jo leflufy photography

And then it was up top to run through the tall grass and follow deer trails!

I love this pic!

Not sure what we’re doing here, but it was obviously entertaining me.

And here we go, back to the beach for some more crazy Juno Tag!

“Are you ready to run?”

I was looking for flat stones for my flower vases while we were playing Juno tag. He didn’t seem to mind that I was ignoring him.

Greg calls this part of the island “The Red Forest”…Uhm, okaaaaaay…doesn’t seem like much of a forest to me.

And, after the walk and a nice warm shower to clean up his filthy, sand-filled hide, this is what we ended up with – one very sleepy dog.

I know, I know, we need to get a life and stop living to spend so much time and energy on our dog. Soon enough the baby will come along and Juno will just be our “dog” rather than our “best friend and roommate”.

Okay, now back to the Canada vs. USA gold medal game. 2-1 for Canada with 7:36 left in the 3rd. Woot! Woot!

Have a good day my friends. I wish you all enough….

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