Have You Met The SaladMasters? – Kamloops Photographer Jo LeFlufy

A few weeks ago, my friend Kathy asked me if I wanted to go to a Saladmaster party. Having never heard of said Saladmaster and being somewhat leary of home parties (such as, oh, let me think, Partylite, Pampered Chef, Passion Parties, etc.) because I hate feeling obligated to buy crap that I don’t need, I immediately said yes and headed out the door thinking, Man, what am I getting myself into? In fact, even when we arrived at the party house and were all seated and ready to start listening the presentation, I was still moaning and griping in my mind about accepting the invitation in the first place. What a waste of a night, I thought to myself.

Let me just say that I was totally, irrevocably WRONG about this particular party. By the end of the night, I was not only stoked on the entire Saladmaster product line, but I was also amazed that I hadn’t heard of it before because it really is such a great product. I went home and posted something on Facebook about how excited I was to have heard about Saladmaster and was blown away by how many people commented on my post about loving their Saladmaster cookware sets and how long they’d had them. I kept wondering where the heck I’d been in the last few decades!

So, my fellow unenlightened friends, let me give you a little rundown on Saladmaster cookware and all of it’s numerous virtues. I don’t want to give too much away because I want you to see this for yourself, but I’ll give some basic info.

What exactly IS it?

Saladmaster is a patented line of cookware (mostly pots and pans, but some bakeware as well) that is made out of a uniform thickness of surgical stainless steel, designed to distribute heat evenly. It was created, over 50 years ago, to allow people to cook more healthful meals because it eliminates the need for cooking with oils and fats (which change composition and turn into trans fats once they are heated up) and water (which causes nutrients to leach out of the food and into the water, where they are discarded). All of the cookware is designed to allow you to cook all of your food at medium and then low temperatures in a vacuum – this keeps nutrients and moisture in your food while killing bacteria and other harmful, unwanted substances at the same time. The pots and pans have lids that are specially fabricated to signal when it is time to turn the burner from medium to low temps to create a vacuum seal that not only cooks your food faster, but as I said, before, keeps the nutrients and moisture IN the food.

And let me tell you, you haven’t tasted heaven until you’ve eaten a meal made with these products.

It looks like this…sans the wine, of course!

What is so special about Saladmaster anyway?

As I’ve already mentioned, it allows you to cook meals without any additives, fats, oils, etc. and it kills bacteria while keeping in nutrients. But, more than that, it’s special because it changes peoples lives. For instance, have you ever heard of The Cancer Project or The Food For Life Program? Research has come to conclude that up to 60% of the health problems that lead to cancers are caused by poor diet (you can read about this at http://www.cancer.org) and Saladmaster, along with the Cancer Project and Food For Life program are all working together to educate people on the importance of diet and disease prevention.

Why Saladmaster? Because it is the healthiest cookware product on the market and has been globally recognized for it (meh, what can I say, I did a little digging and turned up some good deets on the product line).

Think about this for a moment, trans fat (created when oils and fats are heated) has been scientifically proven to boost cancer growth and, as mentioned above, water drains cancer-fighting nutrients from your food. The material they make Saladmaster cookware out of eliminates the need to cook with these ingredients. This equals healthier meals containing a maximum number of nutrients. Booyah!

In addition, the Saladmaster system allows you to cook your food below 200 degrees, which is the temperature where food loses its nutrient value. This means your food keeps all of the cancer-fighting nutrient and antioxidant goodness and you, in turn, have a better chance of fighting off the Big C! Booyah again!

Did you also know that the grade of surgical Titanium Stainless Steel used to make the Saladmaster cookware is the same grade they use in the medical field (both for instruments and for pins and other tools implanted in people). Not that you’d want to use a skillet to repair your leg fracture if you were in a pinch, but you get my drift!

Where can I get such a magnificent product?

If you live in the Loops or surrounding area, you must meet Shawn & Tanya, our local Saladmasters!! They are a husband and wife team who have been selling the line for a long time and, I speak from personal experience when I say that they are really great peeps!

In fact, I hosted my first Saladmaster soiree last night and because I usually have a camera in my hand, I spent most of the night shooting pics of them in action. Not only do they put on a fantastic presentation (filled with serious and humor-filled moments), but they are also two of the least pushy salespeople I’ve ever met. Wanna know why? Because the product they are selling is such an amazing product that they don’t have to push anything. By the end of the night, after you have watched them prepare an entire meal without using anything except a few spices and then tasted the delectable fare they’ve produced, you will practically be jumping to the front of the line, begging them to let you buy a set of cookware or, at the very least, host your own party so you can spread the word.

And, here’s another perk, unlike most home-based parties, there is no obligation for anyone to purchase anything in order for you to score an awesome and high quality free gift. Of course, once you do host a party and get a free gift, you’ll probably just want more and end up buying a set anyway – it’s just THAT awesometastic.

Here are a few shots of last night’s presentation and dinner. Even my husband, Mr. I-can’t-believe-pots-and-pans-can-make-food-taste-better, was blown away by the dinner. He even took leftovers to work for lunch today – something he seldom, if ever, does. Hmm….perhaps this is a reflection of my current cooking prowess…

This is where Shawn showed everyone pictures of his and Tanya’s vacation to a Nudist Colony…JK!!

And more of the night’s festivities.

That little gadget is the actual Saladmaster (the product from which the line gets its name) and my gift for hosting the party. It is freakin’ awesome and has a bunch of different attachments for chopping, slicing, grating, etc. Greg LOVES this thing and played with it as soon as everyone left last night.

And here’s Shawn showing us an assortment of the products. I’m not ashamed to say that I wanted them all!

After all was said and done, I spent a few minutes interviewing Shawn & Tanya to get their take on why they love Saladmaster products so much.

Here is the informal interview.

What is the BEST thing about Saladmaster products?

  • They allow you to cook REALLY healthful meals
  • It’s super fast because you cook your food in a vacuum
  • Don’t need fats or oils or water to cook anything (except rice)
  • low temperature cooking allows the food to keep all of its nutrients. This means the food is healthier.
  • It’s convenient (because it cooks everything fast, so you don’t have to waste a day cooking big meals. Plus, you can stack the pots while cooking and cook a whole bunch of dishes at once!)
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty that can be passed on to your children
  • When you purchase products, you can attend the regular Saladmaster cooking schools and learn how to cook a whole variety of yummy, delicious, healthful foods, and, perhaps the best thing about it…
  • It makes bad cooks into really goooooood cooks with little training!

What is the WORST thing about Saladmaster products?

  • The price is a bit daunting to some people (but remember that old adage of “you get what you pay for” – if it wasn’t a little pricey, it wouldn’t be a high quality, guaranteed product).
  • There is a slight learning curve. It takes time to figure out how the pots work with your particular stove and, as a result, people sometimes burn food in the first little bit while they are getting used to their new cookware.

Why do you sell Saladmaster products?

  • Firstly, we believe in this product and, secondly, because it makes us feel really good when we improve people’s health just by introducing them to a new way of cooking.

How many customers do you have in the Kamloops area?

  • Thousands.

How many Saladmaster parties do you average in a month?

  • 25, usually more.

Well folks, there you have it – thousands of customers can’t be wrong. I bet that if you have never heard of Saladmaster, all you’d have to do is ask some of your friends and you’d soon discover that many of them have heard of it and, even better, use it faithfully.

I’m fairly excited to get my Starter Set sometime this week. After that, Greg will have no excuses for not eating better and I’ll have no excuses for not inviting more people over for dinner!

If you are interested in learning more about Saladmaster or even if you would like to host a party for three or more couples to see what it is all about, please contact Shawn and Tanya at 250-828-8695 or you can email them at saladmasterversatec@shaw.ca. You can also check out their website at www.healthyheartbc.com

Do it, my friends. I guarantee you will be more than pleasantly surprised and you’ll be uber happy that you checked it out!

I wish you all enough…

3 thoughts on “Have You Met The SaladMasters? – Kamloops Photographer Jo LeFlufy

  1. WASTE OF A NIGHT!?!?! a night with me is never a waste!!!! i too love my saladmaster machine (and pots too) – i cut up a whole bag of potatoes yesterday just because!

  2. We have been active Saladmaster Chef’s (well okay maybe not Chef’s) for over five years now and we completely agree with everything written in this Blog! (We own pretty close to all the main pieces in the full set!) Shawn and Tanya are incredible people and we feel blesed not only to have met them, but also to have had Saladmaster brought into home and lives. Every chance we get, we start up a converssation about the Saladmaster system and all the benefits associated with this great cookware I (Mark) have even had the priviledge of cooking on stage with Shawn and Tanya at their fantastic cooking school. (if you have not been – you really should go!) I also want to express a sincere thanks to Jo Leflufy for this very informative write up on a a very worth while purchase! Happy cooking to all of you out there that looked past the cost to find the real value in Saladmaster…… Have you tried crepes on the square griddle with no oil or butter in the pan …? It really works! Cheers …

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