Hospital’s Suck – Day 2…Or Is It 3? – Kamloops Photographer Jo LeFlufy

Well, after a crazy night of listening to Minnie (who had been heavily sedated, but still managed to carry on full  conversations with herself in her sleep), I had a bit of a mental breakdown this afternoon and lost it. Pleeeeeease, I begged my nurse. Pleeeeeease get me out of here and into a different room. She’s driving me nuts and my stress level is shooting up through the rafters. My nurse told me that there probably weren’t any other rooms to put me in, but after she came in to do a quick fetal heartbeat and realized the baby’s heartbeat was racing as well, she said, “Uh, we’re going to move you right now. The baby’s obviously stressed out.” Uhm, do you think??? About an hour later she came in to let me know that they shuffled some people (six actually) and were going to move me to a semi-private room on the nursery side of the floor. Wahoooooooey!!!

Not even an hour later, I was sitting pretty in a semi-private room with a huge window view of the city. Nice! The best part about it, of course, was that I was no longer forced to wear ear plugs and lie down with pillows against my ears to shut out Minnie’s mighty ramblings! For the first time in two days, I was able to sit in peace and quiet. Apparently, I was exhausted, because I lasted about an hour before I practically slipped into a coma for about four more!

When I woke up, Greg was sitting beside my bed, reading The Alphabet of Manliness (a gift from our future brother-in-law) and laughing hysterically to himself. He noticed I was awake and held the book up to the page he was on – a huge title that said B is for Boners…*sigh*

Shortly after, my new roommate arrived from her hysterectomy surgery. She was totally out of it for a bit, but once she woke up and learned how to use her pain pump, we got acquainted and I quite like her. The rest of the day ticked slowly by while we waited for Dr. Human (best OB ever!) to stop by and give us the low down on our situation. One more, possibly two more days of waiting to see if anything happened (like my cervix closed up on its own) and then probably surgery to stitch me up if no closure and no significant bleeding events had occurred. He also had a look at the crazy rash that has developed on my sides and down my legs and prescribed some cream for it. I’m trying not to itch my body apart right now, but I think I’m losing the battle. Ironic how I’ve never had a rash before in my life and then I end up in hospital and pick one up somehow. Good times.

Well after a full day of quiet and a nice long nap, I figure 8 p.m. is a good time to turn in. It’s exhausting doing absolutely nothing all day!

Hospital Stay Day 3

Woke up this morning to Dr. Human’s smiling face. He let me know that he was sending me down for a detailed ultrasound and then he would decide whether or not he would be stitching me up. I filled up my bladder, jumped in my wheelchair (because I’m not allowed to walk more than ten feet right now) and Greg whipped me (literally, Mr. Racey) down to Ultrasound where we enjoyed 45 minutes of watching Sesame squirm, kick, punch, wave, and try to find his thumb while our poor tech tried to get a good picture of my cervix! She printed off another eight pics for us and Greg mentioned that this baby has been more photographed in the womb than most baby’s in their first year out of it! We will probably be able to fill up an entire album with just ultrasound pics since we seem to be getting them every few weeks!

Anywho, three hours later, the nurse came to my room to inform me that the ultrasound didn’t provide a clear enough picture of my cervix, so I would have to go down and have another one. She also told me to make sure my bladder was very full this time, so I drank two litres of water and waited…and waited…and waited…Buzz Buzz on the intercom. Hello? Uhm, yes, is someone coming to get me for that 2nd ultrasound? Silence, then, Oh, it seems the Porter wasn’t notified to come and get you (this, after I’d been waiting in pain with an ultra full bladder for almost an hour), she’s on her way now. And so I was once again wheeled out to the nurse’s station (because my Greggor had gone home to walk the dog) to wait for the Porter. Of course, it was ten or so minutes later when the nurse came up to me and told me to go empty my bladder because they needed it completely empty for this ultrasound. RUFKM??? The joys of the right hand not speaking to the left on a regular basis. At least I didn’t have to endure that ride with an overflowing bladder!

Second ultrasound was an EV ultrasound (up the Hooha), so there was no mistaking the good look at my cervix this time, being so up close and personal and all! An hour later, Dr. Human was back, saying it was open wider and he would definitely be stitching me up…the following day. Really? When is all this waiting around going to end???? Can you tell I was getting pretty cranky by this point?

And so I passed another day, lying in bed, keeping myself busy with books, laptop, internet and some good friends who came to visit me (thanks for the delicious dinner, Donna, and the adorable frog outfit, Kimberloo). And, of course, there was Greggor. My love. My strength. My personal comedian and board game adversary. What would I do without him!

Tomorrow is the day.

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