Is He A Dog Or A Mountain Goat?

Yo Bed Rest, I have four words for you…YOU CAN SUCK IT!

Today while I was stuck at home, incubating our child, on strict bed rest and trying in vain to keep myself busy and not suffer from another “woe is me” crying fit, my hubby and his bestie were hiking their hearts out at the Hoodoos. This time, though, he brought along his daddy (who has never hiked the Hoodoos before) and they hiked up the canyon just for something different.

They were gone for five hours.

I only cried twice out of frustration during that time…and then once more when they came home and Greg told me how much fun they had and how much he and Juno enjoyed themselves.

However, he didn’t come home empty-handed. He managed to take some pics (about, oh, 300+) of their hike so he could wow me with a picture show when he came home. Greeeeat! Just what I need, a reminder of how trapped I am.

Despite my obvious resentment of his freedom, I have to admit that I really enjoyed the picture show, except the part where he made our dog perch on the edge of a cliff for a few good pictures. But really, Juno is absolutely amazing when it comes to balancing on rock faces, so I wasn’t really that worried. We think he may be a mountain goat masquerading as a dog…

Good night my friends. I wish you enough…and I hope you NEVER have pregnancy complications and have to be put on bed rest for three months!

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