The Best Laid Plans – Kamloops photographer Jo LeFlufy

I started my photography business in October of 2008 and, although it has been a long, uphill battle (filled with amazing learning experiences and awesome people), this year was The Year – the year that I was finally going to make a large profit and bring my income back up to where it used to be. Perhaps I would even surpass that. Woot! Woot!

I was completely stoked because I had  booked three weddings for every month of wedding season this year and I would be making enough, after all business expenses were paid, to justify the previous two years of lean earnings and stress.

Ah, the best laid plans…

In December, when we found out about Baby Sesame’s impending arrival (no, we are not naming the baby Sesame, that is just the nickname we are using), I immediately thought about all of the weddings I had booked. I reluctantly gave away five weddings (worth over $12,000…gasp) that I had scheduled during the six weeks after the baby’s due date (August 10th), but I held on to all of the others because I didn’t anticipate having any problems shooting up until a couple of weeks before Sesame’s arrival.

What was I saying? Oh, yes, the best laid plains…

Well, here I am with four months to go before Sesame Day and life has gone in any direction except that which I wanted it to go. I’m on strict bed rest. I’m only allowed to get up to go to the bathroom and shower and I obviously cannot shoot anything from the recliner in the living room. After a lot of humming and hawing and a visit to the doctor (who anticipates I will be on bedrest for the DURATION of this pregnancy), I realized that I would have to give up ALL of this season’s wedding bookings (except the Sept/Oct ones).

I’m finding this so hard to swallow. Making my business sustainable and viable has been the goal from day one and now I see all of my hard work and perseverance slipping through my swollen fingers. The thought of losing so much business is giving me heartburn (well, that might just be the pregnancy…) and a headache (that might just be hormones…).

I know that it is all for an excellent reason and I know that it is only money and that money isn’t everything. I know that this year is only a drop in the bucket of my entire photography career. But knowing all of these things doesn’t make it any easier to live with. All I can do is accept what is and roll with it.

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