Naked…Kamloops Photographer Jo LeFlufy

Every now and then, my baby brain takes over and I completely disregard the obvious. Take this morning for instance…

I was awakened by one of our cats at approximately 7 a.m. and, thinking that he needed food, I got up to go to the bathroom (naked, of course) and then walked out to the kitchen to fill up his bowl. I didn’t waste time putting on clothes or donning a bathrobe because I’m only supposed to be up for short periods of time., so I try to avoid spending extra time on frivolous tasks. There I was, half asleep, standing in the kitchen looking around for the cat’s food container. I spotted it in the dining room (which of course, looks out onto the street) and I headed that way without thinking twice about it.

The blinds in both the living and dining rooms were wide open and I was oblivious to my nakedness. I bent over to grab the food and, as I stood up, a feeling of being watched came over me. I looked down into to the street to see a man and his dog, stopped in the street and looking up at me. Why is that guy looking at me like that? I thought to myself, before I realized that I was standing there in the buff, holding a Tupperware container of cat food, hair standing on end. I just stood there in a daze until he smiled and gave me a thumbs up sign and then I practically SPRINTED away from the windows and back to the bedroom.

The worst part isn’t being seen naked by someone other than my husband – I mean, whatev, nakedness is natural. No, the worst part was that I stood there in a daze, just staring at the guy until his hand gesture brought me back to my senses…or what’s left of them.  I truly hope that my lack of brain cells these days corrects itself after the baby is born.

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