Toxic TV And The World – Kamloops Photographer Jo LeFlufy

I’ve been having a hard time staying upright in the last few days, so I’ve spent a lot of time lying on my side, watching TV – too much time, truth be told. TV is toxic. It makes me feel as though my brain is turning to mush and it also makes me feel as though the world is going straight down the proverbial tube (and I’m not talking about the boob tube). As much as TV can make me laugh, it can also make me shake my head and leave me at a loss as to why people find so much that we see on TV acceptable. Now I understand why I usually watch so little TV.

Here are a few of the things that I’ve watched in the past while that boggle my mind.

  1. The astronomical amount of people who are opting to get plastic surgery these days to enhance their appearance. I can totally understand why some people would want to fix something about themselves that is unsightly (such as excess skin after major weight loss or deformities, etc.), but what about all of the people who opt to operate or get treatments on their otherwise perfectly healthy selves? For instance, why are so many people in their 20’s getting botox treatments for facial wrinkles. WTF? When I was in my 20’s, the last thing I was worrying about was wrinkles. Now that I’m in my mid 30’s, I still don’t worry about them. What has gone so wrong with society that people are always so worried about outward appearance and so unconcerned about nourishing the body and mind from the inside out?
  2. MacDonald’s uses ammonia-based fillers in its beef products in an effort to prevent E. coli O157 infections and deaths. I don’t eat any commercial meat or anything that isn’t free range, antibiotic and hormone free and compassionately raised, so this actually doesn’t affect me. However, when I think about how many people in North America DO eat crappy fast food all the time, it boggles my mind that so many people care so little about their health. No wonder our health care systems are so overridden with obese and diseased patients. What does it take to make people stop and take charge of their own health before it’s too late?
  3. Food companies in general. There is a very destructive pattern in our society. Major food companies make profit their main focus and, in the process, push to produce food at a cheaper, bigger, faster pace. This means growth hormones, pesticides, antibiotic injections and animals that are being mass produced in a factory-like mentality. The food these companies are producing is completely lacking in nutrients, is inhumane in its production and is easily affordable by even the poorest of families. This type of food, because it is so nutrient poor, leads to health problems and malnourished people, which leads to liver problems. Liver problems lead to violence, negativity and hatred. Where does that leave the country?

On the other hand, food that is grown organically, without additives and in a good grazing environment (in the case of animals), is not only nutrient rich, but improves the body’s ability to fight off cancer, prevent other diseases in general and maintain a good state of health. The problem with this? This kind of food is expensive, so many people opt for the cheaper, unhealthy alternative. How can we change this? There is only one way to make a huge difference and that is for everyone to recognize what the problem is and stop buying commercially produced crap food. Unfortunately, we are a convenience-driven society and the majority of people would rather make excuses and come up with reasons to continue to support this mentality rather than make the effort to change it. I find this so sad.

However, if you are inclined to make the effort, all it takes are a few small changes and you can at least make a huge difference in your own health.

  • Buy organic.  Yes, it costs more, so make better choices and buy less. It’s not rocket science.
  • Grow a garden. Even if you live in an apartment, you can grow basic veggies. All you need is pots, seeds,  a window and a gardening book or two from the library.
  • Stop buying fast food. Seriously. It is much easier than you would think and all it takes is making the effort to plan your meals ahead of time so you don’t get stuck having to buy fast food last minute.
  • I repeat. STOP BUYING FAST FOOD or, at least cut back by 95%. I know, it seems so impossible and even I miss the allure of the Big Mac once in awhile, but your health will improve 1000x over if you make no other changes except cutting out crappy fast food. Or, if you need extra motivation and you are an animal lover like me, check out the PETA website and have a look at some of the pictures of mistreated factory farm animals. Whenever I feel my resolve slipping, I log onto their website and check out the abuse and inhumane treatment these animals endure and my craving for a Big Mac is immediately replaced with the urge to vomit and then dish out some inhumane revenge on the farm workers who have completely lost their humanity and compassion.
  • Only buy free range, antibiotic and hormone free meat. It’s easy, just check out some of your local farms who are certified to sell their stuff.  Or, if you really want to go healthy, take up hunting and fishing.
  • Here’s a novel idea. Stop eating meat altogether. You can get all of the nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals you need from vegetable sources and there are a plethora of veggie cookbooks out there with amazingly delicious recipes in them. Although I still eat meat, the majority of my meals are made up of healthy vegetable sources and I feel healthier than I ever have in my 35 years.
  1. Say Yes To The Dress (a TLC show that follows the New York City store, Kleinfeld). I love this show because I love the dresses. However, it always makes me shake my head in disbelief when women buy dresses that range anywhere from $2500 to $30,000 for one day. Why not put that money to better use? Donate it to a charity or put a down payment on the house of your dreams. I mean, come on, that’s an awful lot of money to spend on a mere dress that you will wear once in your lifetime (twice if you’re lucky). My wedding dress was $230 and, with alterations, came out to a whopping $310. The dress is absolutely beautiful and could easily rival many of those Kleinfeld dresses. It looked fantastic on and I can even wear it again to a black tie event. That’s what I call a good buy. Maybe some people would call my dress cheap, but I couldn’t have loved it any more had it cost thousands.
  2. Reality crime shows (The First 48, Cold Case Files, etc.). I find the process the detectives use to find the people responsible for these murders fascinating, but it amazes and sickens me how many criminals show no remorse and lie through their teeth in an effort to escape justice. It also occurred to me the other day that the majority of the criminals in these shows are poor and malnourished. This brings me back to the concept of the liver being the organ that keeps in toxins and so harbours anger, resentment, violence, etc. Traditional Chinese Medicine has recognized the liver’s role in precipitating these problems for thousands of years, so it is very interesting to me that the theory is easily proven by the criminals in these shows. See what I’m saying about our society being pulled into a vicious cycle by the food industry???
  3. Toxic shows, such as Operation Repo, Toddlers & Tiaras, Party Mamas, The Real Housewives of…, etc. All of these shows are a breeding ground for pure, unrestrained negativity. Guaranteed to leave people feeling unsatisfied with life, disgusted with people’s behaviour, pissed off at the world and ready for a fight. Toxic, toxic, toxic. I think these shows are worse than the news for the way they make people feel – maybe because they portray people in “real” life situations, with all of their ugliness visible to the world. Brutal.

I could probably go on and on and on, but I’ve already made my point. I would love to see the nature of TV change so that all we ever see (aside from necessary world stories on the news) would be feel good shows with positive messages and informative shows that made us all smarter and well rounded. Ah, wishful thinking…

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