Meet Justine Winser – Aspiring Photographer

A few months ago, I had an idea about showcasing local photographers on my blog in hopes of helping their budding businesses along. I started with Andrew Danyluk of David Andrew Photography. You can read that blog post here.

Today, I would like to introduce you to Justine Winser. Awhile ago, Greg and I were up at Chapters when he noticed a stack of business cards. Justine Winser – Aspiring Photographer. He grabbed a card for me and handed it to me while we were driving home. I was curious so I had a little looksy at the photos posted on her site. I followed that up by contacting her, meeting her and now, I’m going to blog about her. She’s just starting out on her photography adventure, but all great artists have to start somewhere and a little encouragement along the way never hurt anyone.

Before I get into the questions I asked her during our interview and the photos she sent for me to post on the blog, I’ll give you my impression of Justine. In a nutshell, she’s a sweetheart. Young, enthusiastic, funny and passionate. I could tell she wants to know it all and isn’t afraid to ask questions or experiment to find the answers. Most of my photographic ability (as limited as it is) has come from experimentation and I believe that is one of the best ways to improve your skills. Anyone can say, “Hey, do this.” but it really sticks in your head if you figure it out on your own. When I met with Justine, I gave her a few tips, one of my lenses, and sent her away with the challenge of shooting entirely in Manual mode for an entire month. Nothing challenges a person in photography like having to control all aspects of your camera`s settings. She didn`t hesitate at the challenge and, honestly, this is one of the things I like most about her.

How did you get into photography?

1. Before I purchased my camera I had always admired my friends’ photographs and inquired about their cameras as well as surfed the net to look at photographers’ work. The few friends I did have at the time with digital SLRs I would ask them how they did certain things to the picture to make it look that “that”. And I’ve also always wanted to be photographed. So I decided to go out one day and purchase a camera for myself to see what I could come up with.

What are the aspects of photography you love the most?

2. Aspects of photography that I love the most… this one is hard because I love them all. I love the actual photo shoot because you may or may not know exactly what the person wants but different things always pop up throughout the shoot. I love editing photos because I just got Photoshop and am learning how to use all the tools within it. And my ultimate favorite part is getting feedback about your photos from the people you did the photos of and from people that have seen them.

What would make up the perfect shoot for you?

3. The perfect shoot for me would be outdoors on a cool but sunny day/morning/evening where the people I was photographing were all relaxed and having a good time. I like natural shots of people rather than posed shots better, they don’t look so forced. So basically just people going about their walk or hike as if I wasn’t even there.

What is your goal with photography?

4. My goal with photography is to eventually make it my career, whether I work for someone else or create my very own business.

Who inspires you?

5. My dad inspires me most, but he has nothing to do with photography; he just has a drive to be successful at the things he sets out to do and I have that same drive and ambition. As for photographers: Ansel Adams just because I still haven’t taken a photo of scenery that I completely love, so someone that can do that is amazing; and you Jo because your photography is amazing! And because you’ve gone out of your way to help other people out within the business when other photographers would turn up their noses.

If you could shoot only one kind of photography, what would be your first choice and why?

6. If I could shoot only one type of photography I’d choose weddings, because every wedding, bride and groom are different from the last. Each of their stories will be different and you can incorporate that into the photography. The different reactions at each part of the wedding from the different people taking part. There is so much to incorporate with this type of photography. The ultimate pay off would be to see the bride’s face when she gets to take a look at the photos for the first time.

Here are three of Justine`s favorite photos.

The first picture is of my friend Brandy and her two sisters, we went out to Peterson Creek way back in October 2008. These girls were so much fun to photograph – their bubbly personalities were so contagious! They were all so comfortable in front of the camera, the pictures all look natural as if I wasn’t there.

The second picture is of my friend Melissa and her boyfriend Jay. They wanted some pictures done of themselves and their chocolate lab Max. You can’t really tell from this picture, but she was expecting a baby at the time, she has since given birth to a baby boy. I like this photo because Jay is totally focused on the camera but said something that took Melissa’s attention off me and onto him all while laughing.

kamloops photographer

The last picture is from my mom’s house in Lower Nicola BC, these are her neighbor’s horses. I just like to take pictures of Lucy’s horses and print them up and give them to her because she appreciates them. Lucy LOVES her horses. I haven’t really experimented much with animal photography and the little I have I rarely get ones I’m happy with so when I get one that I really like it is always a bonus. Animals are so difficult to photograph!

kamloops photographer jo leflufy

Well, there you have it. Miss Justine Winser – Aspiring Photographer. If you are interested in seeing more of her work or would like to contact her about a possible photo shoot, you can email her at

Have a great day. I wish you all enough…

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