Capturing The Elusive June Bug

I’m not referring to our dog, Juno. Although, Greg has been calling him June Bug Tango for the last week because he’s been prancing around the house in a dance-like fashion with his attention riveted on the ceiling and his head tilted at an odd, slightly stiff angle.  No, it’s not the dog I speak of, but the bizarre bug itself – it’s June Bug Season.

Firstly, I have always wondered why these beetles are called “June” bugs when they invariably show up in May every year for a couple of weeks and then disappear back into the soil before June even shows up. Secondly, I’ve never been able to discern what the purpose of this bug is with it’s ridiculously short emergence into the above-soil world (a few hours each night for a couple of weeks) and an intelligence level that is not exactly high up on the evolutionary bug IQ scale.

Have you ever “tried” to catch a June Bug who has mistakenly flown into your house? I ask if you’ve “tried” because it doesn’t actually involve much effort. These highly evolved, supremely intelligent beings have a penchant for trapping themselves. Part of last night’s entertainment consisted of watching June Bug after June Bug fly through the patio door only to get themselves stuck, within minutes, in objects that wouldn’t fool the average maggot. Not one, but four unfortunate souls flew around the room for a few short minutes before spiraling down, like downed fighter jets, directly into Juno’s open mouth. I laughed out loud as he gobbled up each of his brief dance partners with a look of surprised delight and more than a trace of smug satisfaction at his keen hunting prowess.

We were also fortunate enough to witness at least 10 other JB’s trap themselves – in a cup, under the dish rack, on the kitchen window sill (the window was WIDE open and has no screen on it), under the stove, above the kitchen light, in the sink, in the cat food dish, between the bread box and mix master, in an empty beer bottle, and in the litter box. Being the highly evolved, super-thinkers that these bugs are, it’s almost incomprehensible that they are not yet extinct.

I love bugs. Bugs are neato…

2 thoughts on “Capturing The Elusive June Bug

  1. oh my god there back june bugs take over my lift i hate them one got in my top 2 night ago i cant go out side at night i wont turn on the light there a nightmare to me i hate them

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