Things I’m Looking Forward To…

A couple days ago was less than awesometastic – hormones, restlessness from incessant bed rest and feeling trapped inside my house, too much time spent with my husband, no exercise for the last 10 weeks, etc. It’s all just sort of building up inside me and I have no way of relieving the tension and, to top it all off, I seem to have caught a cold. We had friends over last weekend and their girls both had runny noses and were snuggling with me, so I suspect I caught whatever they had. Good times.

Needless to say, I feel kind of like poo poo and sometimes reminding myself that all of this bed rest is best for our baby just doesn’t help to pick up my mood at all. All day I’ve been thinking, I can’t wait until I can… and I’m looking forward to being able to…After the tenth or eleventh of these thoughts, I decided to make a list of my wishes to give me something to do and something to look forward to.

Things I Am Looking Forward To (in no particular order):

  1. Going for a nice, long hike with my dog. At least two or three hours, maybe more.
  2. Getting back into my P90X routines. Oh, how I long to exercise again.
  3. Holding my baby girl for the first time (and as often as possible after that)
  4. Greg going back to work.
  5. Drinking an ice cold MGD.
  6. Being able to clean my house, cook meals, and do the laundry again…heaven!
  7. Getting the baby’s room set up (hopefully before she comes home from hospital).
  8. Getting back to photography (shooting the last couple of weddings I have scheduled for this year and getting going on Fall Pics).
  9. Setting up my boudoir studio downstairs.
  11. Bringing our baby home.
  12. Being able to fend for myself and not having to ask Greg or other family members to do things for me. Having to rely on other people all the time is the ultimate test of my patience. I appreciate them more than I can say, but at the same time I hate feeling dependent on people.
  13. Being able to see my feet again (and being able to shave my legs and other bits without wondering if I’m missing spots!!! LOL)
  14. Getting back out into the community and seeing more than the walls of my house and grass in my yard.
  15. Being able to get comfortable at night when I’m sleeping.
  16. Basically, having a life again instead of spending all of my time creating one. We’ve been blessed with this pregnancy, which we always thought was impossible, but one child will be plenty for us!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I wish you all enough…

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