How To Stay Positive

Isn’t it, ahem, funny, how we can be reminded of the simplest ideas, such as staying positive in the face of adversity (and, in my case, a dark abyss of grief)?

A friend sent me the link to a YouTube video and I laughed out loud and watched it about five times in a row. I like to think that Cora would have been this kind of kid (right down to her crazy curls) and I am grateful to Kathy for always making an effort to keep me laughing.

Check it out if you want to laugh.

How To Stay Positive

Goodnight my friends. I wish you enough…

One thought on “How To Stay Positive

  1. i can’t stop watching it… just as i am typing this it’s featured on tosh.0… too funny! watch it again people and practice what this little girl is doing!!!

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