Shelley & Andy – A sneak peak – And A Boudoir Marathon In The Works

Hey peeps! It’s been a few days (okay, over a week) since I’ve written anything on the bloggity blog, but I have a great excuse…I, uh, okay, I confess, I just didn’t feel up to writing anything. The last week was full of much more downs than ups, so I thought I’d give you all a break from the woe-is-me-our-daughter-died blues.

This week is feeling much more uppy. Yes, dictionary police, that is a word. I just invented it. I have also invented other useful words lately, like derbyliscious, snazzariffic and, my personal favorite, stinkapootastic. The last one describes the smell of our doggy’s bum bum after he’s been eating a moose bone all day.

So far this week, I’ve had a chance to sit down with Shelley & Andy’s wedding pics and really go through them to separate my faves from my not-so-faves. I have a few meetings scheduled this week for what could turn into a good recurring photography gig and I’ve got a boudoir shoot coming up on Thursday that I am particularly excited about – I hate Thursdays, so the shoot will be a very welcome distraction from the 9 week mark since Cora died. However, the best part of the week will come on Friday when Greg and I fly to Edmonton to visit with my brother and the fam – some of my favorite peeps in the world. I am looking forward to having some good, old fashioned fun – maybe the waterpark, where I will convince Greg to go on a speed slide and get a huge wedgie, or maybe we’ll jump on the trampoline where I will sprain my ankle to look cool like my niece (just kidding Megger. I know your serious ankle injury prevented you from bike riding with me last time I was there…). Whatever we do, even if it’s not much at all, I know it will be fun.

BTW, I am in the midst of planning September’s Boudoir Marathon. My hope is to get ten girls to jump on the Boudoir wagon, so if you are interested, email me at and I’ll send you all the deets. This time you can have a choice between Pin Up style and regular, natural sexy style. I’m living on the edge, folks, living on the edge!

Anywho, it’s close to 9 and, as per usual, I’m exhausted, so I’ll just post some more sneaky peakies for S&A (even though they are on their honeymoon and probably won’t see them until they get back.

kamloops wedding photographer jo leflufy
Shelley’s shoes were awesometastic. So was the result of hanging all of the shoes in a tree!
kamloops wedding photographer jo leflufy
Went to the back bedroom to find Lisa and found her shooting Andy while he wrote his speech. So I grabbed a shot or two as well. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!!!!
kamloops wedding photographer jo leflufy
Love how he makes sure to mention his Grandma. He’s such a good guy.
kamloops wedding photographer jo leflufy
Shelley’s MOH did everyone’s makeup and she did an AWESOME job. All the girls looked so purdy!
kamloops wedding photographer jo leflufy
I love this shot of Andy and his mom and G-ma!
kamloops wedding photographer jo leflufy
While Lisa was busy with the boys faces, I was snapping other views. I’m posting this because I know it will make S&A laugh. NO, I WAS NOT PURPOSELY TRYING TO TAKE PICTURES OF THE GUYS’ NETHER REGIONS…ah, the best laid composition plans. This pic made me laugh really hard.
kamloops wedding photographer jo leflufy
Shelley was so relaxed the entire day. It was heaven. And all of the girls spent their time laughing, just like this!

That’s all you get for now! More to come…

Good night my friends. I wish you all enough…

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