A Tiny Pink Reminder – Kamloops Photographer Jo LeFlufy

Today Mr. Purolator Guy dropped by the house with a parcel. I was expecting my new roller skate wheels and pretty new mouthguard, so I happily grabbed the package without looking at the address or name on it. I was thinking to myself, this is weird packaging for just wheels and a mouthguard, when I suddenly realized that the box was much too heavy to be wheels. I stopped cutting through the packaging and looked at the side of the box. Mainly UrnsOh Oh, that was really fast. I’m not sure I’m ready for this yet.

Of course, life keeps on moving along at a high velocity even when we want the world to stand still and let us catch our breath. I held my breath as I opened up the box and immediately began crying when I saw what was inside.


Cora now rests inside this beautiful pink marble urn instead of inside the cardboard box that she came back to us in.

A terrible item to have to order, but a beautiful, tiny, pink reminder of the daughter who has touched so many people and changed so many lives.


I wish you all enough…

5 thoughts on “A Tiny Pink Reminder – Kamloops Photographer Jo LeFlufy

  1. Hello Greg & Jo, I’m happy to see you’ve now received Cora’s finaly resting place!!! Wow, it soooooooo beautiful, she’ll always be at piece in her little PINK house………………….
    For you as parents………………..guess we, parents of lost children, can only say how much we LOVE our little ones, and how much we will forever & always miss them……………..
    Jo I’m always hear to talk with, if you ever need someone that will really understand the pain of lossing a child…………….
    My thoughts are & will always be with you, Greg & Cora xoxoxo
    Tracy xo

  2. What a beautiful resting place for a beautiful baby. So incredibly sorry that you even need it. It’s just lovely.

  3. Aww Jojo,

    That’s so beautiful…totally made me cry. I am glad she is finally in her proper place with you guys.


  4. Jo,

    This is an absolutely beautiful place for your precious angel to rest. My thoughts are always with you guys. ((((HUGS))))

  5. hi jo and greg
    Life has been sooo hectic—and you are so right, we all surrounded you after losing
    Cora, and then dropped out of sight. I’m sorry for that, it’s just like our family reunions,
    we all gather and thats it till next time. I can tell you one thing—I have spent many hours
    thinking about the two of you and how you are–I wish I had just picked up the phone. I will–soon.
    I love little Cora,s resting place–she will be with you forever.
    Hope to see you soon,
    Lot of love, Aunty Doe

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