Two Cats Looking For A Good Home – kamloops photographer jo leflufy

Long story short: Our previous tenants had two cats. They couldn’t take them to their new place so my brother (who moved in downstairs) said he would take them. Turns out he doesn’t like cats and doesn’t know how to take care of them properly (or I should say to my supremely high standards). Three weeks ago, they moved upstairs to “live” with us temporarily until I can find them a home.

This is Roxy. She’s seven, declawed (they came that way. I would never deliberately chop off the ends of a cats’ fingers), super (did I say SUPER) friendly and sweet. Gorgeous. And, no, she doesn’t have a green tint, that is just the reflection of the Green Wall Of Awesomeness that I used to have in my studio until I realized it turned EVERYTHING green…

kamloops pet photographer jo leFlufy

This is Dozer. Also seven and declawed. He enjoys sitting in the front yard and watching the world go by and, oh yah, sleeping…A LOT. He’s definitely not the world’s most energetic animal and he enjoys hanging out in people’s laps and purring.

There are no humane organizations taking cats right now and I absolutely refuse to send these two to the SPCA so they can be put in cages or euthanized. However, we do not want them because we have enough on our plate and our cat, Charlie, is more than enough cat to go around.

My fondest wish is to find a loving family for these two critters, preferably where they can stay together. I won’t let them go to just anybody, but I will let them go to people who will take good care of them and give them lots of TLC. Please call me at 250-554-7314 if you or someone you know might be interested in adopting Roxy and Dozer or one of the two.

Have a good Wednesday, my friends.

I wish you all enough…

One thought on “Two Cats Looking For A Good Home – kamloops photographer jo leflufy

  1. the two gorgeous cats look so calm..which is great knowing, even if they themselves dont quite know, that they won’t be offloaded to the animal houses.
    i hope you manage to find good homes for them 🙂

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