Gratitude & Attitude – Life is Life. Aint Nothing We Can Do About It

The thing about life is that no matter what happens or how crappy a person feels and regardless of how much you might like to stop the world to enjoy a particularly amazing moment, life just keeps on truckin’ along. There have been many moments in the last 10 weeks that I have wished in vain for the world to stop spinning and for life to slow down or stop. There have also been many that I have wished for it to speed up and skip past the painful parts. The think about life is that it is life – it doesn’t slow down or speed up for anyone and there aint nothing (double negative – poor grammatical choice) we can do about it. Life is hard. It’s messy. It’s awful. It’s beautiful. It’s life and it goes on so we must go along with it.

I have some bones to pick and some props to give to life this week.

Today’s Attitude goes out to:

  1. The lady on the plane who watched her kid repeatedly kick the back of my seat for an hour and didn’t say a word to him, even when I leaned around and asked him politely to stop kicking my seat. Arrrrrgh.
  2. My aunt, whom I love dearly, because she called the other day and said, “Oh, you need to cheer up.” Uhm, okay. How about you think for a moment about how you would feel if one of your daughter’s died or, better yet, if one of your beloved grandchildren died. Do you think you’d be in a mood to “cheer up”? Again, arrrrgh.
  3. My stinkapoo roller skates that don’t fit my weird feet well enough. No matter what I do or how many pairs of socks I wear, my ankles slide all over the place and I feel out of control. I can’t wait to get a custom made pair that will fit my flippers and skinny ankles! Thanks for that odd combo, mom and dad.

Okay, enough bitching…although I could definitely say more about the whole catty thing…

Today’s Gratitude goes out to:

  1. Gregory because he came home last night and said, “I have a present for you and yes, that is a cucumber in my pocket, but I’m still happy to see you.” This girl loves home grown, garden love.
  2. Mainly Urns & Memorials in the States for doing such an amazingly fantastical job on Cora’s urn. It’s beautiful and perfect and it feels as though she is finally home where she belongs.
  3. KG. You are one of the funniest chickies I know and I am SO grateful that you are around to keep me laughing.  I’m my own grandpa…
  4. Junovious Prime LeFlufy. You are such an awesome dog and you constantly make us laugh. We are also very proud of you for winning the hearts of so many anti-dog people and their kids. We should have named you Sunshine because you really are a Pocket Full of Sunshine!
  5. Mike and Molly. Thanks for always being so good to us and for making us laugh so much (just maybe hold off on the tooting in public bit next time we’re visiting, Michael. Good thing you were farting with confidence that day, eh!). And Molly, you have no idea how much it means to me that you ordered an angel baby necklace for yourself as well. It makes me teary eyed just thinking about it and I totally feel blessed that you and Mike found each other and that you are part of our family. You guys rock.
  6. Meg and Matt and Kristin. Best nieceys and nephy that a girl could ask for. We love you all the way up to the moon!
  7. Mama and Papa Fluf. Thank you for being the amazing, totally generous and giving people that you are. Your kind and caring natures continually amaze me and I am very grateful that Greg is lucky enough to have parents like you!
  8. All of the people who have donated to the RIH NICU and to BC Children’s Hospital on behalf of Cora. We still get a letter in the mail once a week to let us know more people have donated and we are blown away at the impact one short life has had on so many people.  Thank you all, so very much. This makes us so proud to be Cora’s parents.
  9. T Bone. I always know that I can count on you to understand what I’m feeling on any given day. You rock.
  10. Mr. Sunshine. I may not feel very sunny in my heart right now, but seeing you each day makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I love summer. Winter can suck it.

That’s all for today.

I wish you all enough…

2 thoughts on “Gratitude & Attitude – Life is Life. Aint Nothing We Can Do About It

  1. wow, Jo words soooooooooooo well said. I wish I could write down some of the “Attitude” words like your #5!!!!!!!!!!! What about LOSS OF A LOVED ONE do some fricken people NOT understand!!! “cheer up” “get on with life” “he’s in a better place” what the Frick!!!!
    I sooo wish I could say the words in a nice way as you have, it might make me feel a bit better but who the hell worries about “ME” yayayay wooooon is me!! They say that the first year is the hardest and that it get’s better…………… the frick can it get better???????????????? we don’t have our CHILDREN that we lost!!!
    I’m sorry Jo, just had to vent a bit………………..
    I’m so happy that you have Cora in he PINK cozy resting place, I have just about made it that far……you helped me yestarday make it one step closer, now the final step needs to be done……………………..I’ soooo trying and would really like him in his beautiful Urn by his 1yr. date AUGUST 20th……………………………..tears…………….
    hugs Jo man it hurts…………… xoxoxoxo

  2. Hello Jo

    you don’t know me, but I found your site through a mutual friend on fb, cruising through from one place to another. I’ve sat on my porch tonight reading your story of your journey with your beautiful daughter Cora. First off, you are an amazing writer that should, as your friends have suggested, write a book. Secondly, if I was your friend, I would do my best to understand your path and think it was totally normal to have a melt down at least a few times a day. Most importantly, I want you to know that after so many tears and some smiles reading your blogs, I want to go wake up my babies and give them a great big hug. If it was possible, I’m am more thankful for their health than ever before. I am so sorry for your loss. From reading, I think you would like to know that you have touched someone so deeply that I will never take their life for granted. I will take a moment each week and think of your Cora. Her short life has touched me in such an amazing way.

    I don’t believe that any mother can recover from such a devasting thing. I’m writing this hoping that knowing you gave a mother even more appreciation for the life that came from her, will give you a slight smile. Your little girl is truly an angel that already has the power to change peoples lives and thoughts. What an incredibly strong spirit you created.

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