How Many Nicknames Does A Dog’s Name Make – kamloops pet photographer jo leflufy

Last year, I posted a list of nicknames that Greg has come up with for our dog, Juno. I planned to add more to it this morning, as the list is getting fairly long, but I can’t seem to find it.

Ergo, I must repost them all. Why? Because Greg is a nickname kind of guy. He finds nicknames for everyone he knows and it amuses me. I enjoy sharing my amusement with the world.

Here goes.

  1. Juno’s full name is Junovious Prime LeFlufy. Inspired by Transformers and meshed together from the name he had when we rescued him (which was Juneau, as in Alaska)
  2. Junovious
  3. Jundo
  4. Ju Prime
  5. Prime
  6. Primarily Juno
  7. Judundo
  8. Ju Ju Ju
  9. Juguar
  10. Pretty
  11. Princess (yes, Juno is male)
  12. Corndog (because he is the color of Corndogs)
  13. Mustache dog (because he has what appears to be a mustache)
  14. Grouse dog (because he hunts for grouse with Greg)
  15. Marmot chaser
  16. Yellow
  17. Blondie (because Greg’s cousin’s daughter, Chase, told us, “Juno is blonde, like me.”)
  18. Beautiful Dog (he actually sings this name in a little song all the time. “Beautiful dog. Yellow in color. Likes to chase Marmots. Too slow to catch them. Good thing he’s cute.”).
  19. Wonder Dog
  20.  Bird doggie
  21. Tennis Ball Obsessivizer (no, that last word is not a word at all, but it makes Greg giggle everytime he says it).
  22. Cougar lover (because Greg calls me Cougar and Juno loves me!)

I’m sure there are a few more, but I can’t think of them right now.

Have a good rainy day Sunday, everyone. I wish you all enough…

kamloops pet photographer jo leflufy
Grouse Hunting Season. It’s good to have a hunting dog when we don’t eat factory farm meat and have to rely on Greg to provide our meat for the winter!

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