Gratitude & Attitude – My Cousin Kristi and Ignorance Revisited

Ah, yes, it’s that time again.

After a crazy few months of non-stop photography, I decided to take all of January off to gather my creative energy and tie up some loose ends before heading out on an epic, two week vacay with my hubby and the pooch in February. We’re going to drive the Washington, Oregon and California coasts before veering off to visit his parents in Palm Springs.

It’s a good thing I took time off of my regular job, too, because derby business takes up almost 100% of my time lately and I cringe to think what would happen if I was forced to multitask both derby and the rest of my life right now. I’ve never been very adept at multitasking!

I spent the better part of today laying around, catching up on the rest of the episodes of Lost Girl. LOVE that show. I’ve added it to my short list of must see TV – I’m now up to three shows: Dexter, True Blood and Lost Girl. Hmmm…all Showcase originals. I’m becoming a Showcase Snob, but I’m okay with that.

Anywho, my 8 bazillionth cold of the last year is finally going away and I thought one more day of rest would be good for me before I get back up and at ’em, but wanted to grab a little blog time first.

Hence, some G&A to catch up on. I know how much my readers (all three of them) dig the G&A posts and I’d hate to disappoint, so read on peeps; read on!

Today’s Attitude goes out to:

  1. People who don’t make an effort to get the other side of the story.
  2. The a$$hole who wrote something asinine on the back of my husband’s work truck the other day about the length of the coffee break he took. So many people are just plain ignorant and the myth persists that all city workers are slackers who hardly do any work and get huge paychecks off taxpayers’ dollars. My husband has a better work ethic than anyone I’ve ever known. In the five plus years he has worked for the city, he has always taken one morning coffee break, skipped the afternoon break and worked through his lunch hours most of the time. Not only that, but he works all day and then does a bunch of stuff around the house when he gets home. The man doesn’t understand the meaning of “slacking off” and he doesn’t know how to sit still. He’s taken a handful of sick days in five years and he works a ton of overtime. The guy works his ass off and does it while dealing with the ever-present grief of losing our daughter weighing him down. If he wants to take a 1/2 hour coffee break once in awhile, he DESERVES it. Whoever decided his break was too long can suck it.

And, because you should always end a G&A on a good, upbeat note, today’s Gratitude goes out to:

  1. Acid, Terrible and Beatings. You chicks are my kind of peeps. Keep on rockin’ in the derby world! If I haven’t told you lately, I heart you and appreciate all that you do in so many ways.
  2. My cousin Kristi. Haven’t seen you for, ahem, nearly 11 years and it felt like those years never even happened. It’s always been that way and I dig that about you cuz! Now that my ma and your pa are hangin’ on the other side and we won’t have any more funerals to bring us back together again for awhile, we MUST make a wee bit more of an effort to keep in better touch. Think of all the hysterical laughter we’ve missed in the last ten years. Big love my beautiful cuz. And, ps, I’m glad I finally heard your side of the story!! I look forward to camping this summer and will hold you to that pinky swear…

3. Green Queen olives. Too much sodium, but oh-so-delicioso!
4. My brother Ian. That kid, despite the whole “youth in rebellion” phase he’s going through, is a good shit!
5. My nephew, Matt, for finding a sport that he loves (hockey) and making us all proud.
6. Pomegranates. Yummy, tres yummy goodness.
7. Pyro Plastic Alice. For not cracking her hip snowboarding. Phew.
8. Coach Smarty Pants from Texas for offering her help freely and even though she doesn’t even know me.
9. Chris from the TRU Wolf Pack Men’s Volleyball team for calling me crazy last night and making Acid and I laugh so hard. I am crazy, but that’s part of what makes me, well, me!
10. Greg for finally trimming his busy goatee so I could remember what his face looks like.
11. My clean bathroom and clean sheets. Love clean stuff.

K, I could go on and on and on about things I’m grateful for today, but you’d all be asleep and think I’m just being a kissass, so I’ll stop here and bid you all good day.

I wish you all enough…

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