The First Look – A Closer Look, Kamloops Wedding Photographer Jo LeFlufy

Last year I wrote a quick blog about the First Look, but I didn’t post any pics to help my readers feel the amazing, intimate, all-consuming, gravitational pull of love that accompanies one of these non-traditional wedding day moments. And, no matter how poetic my words and no matter how enchanting a picture I can paint with them, nothing can convey the raw and breath catching emotion that a First Look allows a bride and groom to experience.

Last summer, my friend Lisa (from Aspect Arts Photography) and I shot a wedding where the B&G opted to do a First Look and, with Lisa’s permission, I am posting the shots we both took so you can understand why a First Look is such an amazing, important and, most of all, private moment for the B&G to experience before the whirlwind of the wedding begins.

The best part of it is that the couple always forgets about the photographer because they get so lost in each other and that means we get to capture the magic, as though they were there all alone, lost together.

A First Look truly is a little bit of wedding day magic – the B&G get that amazing moment to themselves and it cures their wedding day jitters and allows so much more time to get photos done before the ceremony, so they will have much more time to spend with their guests afterward. It’s the best thing to happen to weddings since puffy princess sleeves disappeared in the early 90s!

For this first look, I stood at one end of a hallway and Lisa stood at the other and we turned Andy away from the direction Shelley would be coming from. Special thanks to Shelley and Andy for forgetting all about us and just letting your love flow so freely. I heart you both and I lurrrrrve these pics!

Here we go…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There you have it – one bonafide First Look. Did you tear up? Come on, admit it. You were as misty as the mountains in early spring…

Recap: First Look = Spectiddlyacular! ‘Nuf said.

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