Stu and Martina – A Quick Trip To Berkley To Say Hi

I have a bazillion things to blog about since we started out on our epic adventure down the Washington, Oregon and California coasts, but I thought I’d add a quick bloggity blog about our quick visit with my friend Stu and his lady love, Martina. It was awesome.

Stu just finished his PhD in Analytical Chemistry (yah, he has a few good brain cells rattling around in there, between recall of his favorite Family Guy episodes and Daniel Tosh stand-up lines) at UC Berkeley and, as he describes it, he’s just in a holding pattern right now, waiting until he can start work at SFU in the Fall. Stu and I did our BSc. in Chem together at TRU and, HA HA HA, he actually did something with his! I must say, I’m super stoked that he’s taken his so far and has been involved in so many cool research projects in the last few years. Stu, I’m giving you a virtual pat on the back right now!

Ironically, Stu just came up to Kamloops to give a presentation at the university and, due to a comedy of errors, we missed our scheduled lunch date. So, Greg and I decided that we’d just whip into Berkeley on our trip and visit Stu for a few hours. He lives a few blocks from the campus with his girlfriend, Martina (who is, I must say, AWESOMETASTICAL and adorable all at the same time), so when we arrived at Stu’s, we jumped out of the car with the dog and headed to the campus in search of food. Juno was fairly stoked that dogs are allowed there and, in true Juno fashion, he found a tennis ball as soon as we got to the first open area where we could let him off leash. Well, technically Greg spotted it, but Juno claimed it shortly thereafter!

Our visit with S&M (ha ha) was super enjoyable. We walked all over the place, checked out the campus and they bought us dinner at a tasty crepe place with a patio where we could sit with Juno. (Thanks for dinner peeps – you rock and so did the food). Berkeley’s fairly dog friendly and shop owners actually put out bowls of water for them on their sidewalks.

After dinner, we grabbed some beer and headed back to S&M’s for more visiting. Lots of laughs (especially about a particular Vegas, Cirque de Soleil story that involved Stu cheering for a new  “team” and thinking about saying thank you with a couple loaded hot dogs – I’m still laughing but cannot repeat the story on my blog because it’s a little too unpolitically correct).

Our visit ended with the brilliant idea that Greg and Juno and I would head over the bridge into San Francisco that evening so we could check out Fisherman’s Wharf the next morning and avoid traffic jams on the bridge. The drive in (twice) is something that I’ll blog about later because it’s HILARIOUS – to us anyway.

Even though our visit was too short, it was really great to see Stu. He’s such a great guy – ridiculously smart, but hilarious and he has a sense of humor so much like mine that when we get together, it’s always a laugh fest. He’s also one of my peeps that I hardly ever see, but feel as though I just saw him a few days before. Love that! And Martina is fantastic too – quieter than Stu (hard to get a word in with the two of us yakking up a storm), but just as funny and a genuinely sweet person. Greg and I liked her instantly and felt totally comfortable around her. It makes me so happy to see Stu with someone so, well, perfect for him. Cool beans.

Thanks for making our visit so enjoyable peeps.  I grabbed one little pic of Stu & Martina on campus. Blog’s always better with a pic!

Good night peeps. I wish you all enough…

2 thoughts on “Stu and Martina – A Quick Trip To Berkley To Say Hi

  1. That is an awesome picture 🙂 I, too, am glad to hear that he is with someone so awesome!!!

    I can bet money that no other University campus had such a cool graduating Chemistry clan as ours did…………….(all 5? of us!)

    Stu, you look great……….can I borrow a few brain cells?

  2. It was great seeing you two on your way by! I’m glad you enjoyed it as much as we did. When we get back to Canada permanently, we’ll definitely have to get together more. I completely agree, it’s been years since we really visited and it felt like it was only a few days since we last saw each other. Hope you are having a relaxing time a little more south!

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