Tournament City Derby Dolls – Gearing Up For Our First Game EVER!


That’s me screaming and freaking out a little.  This weekend marks the first game my derby peeps and I will play in as a new league. We’ve invited the awesometastical ladies from the Sunshine Coast Roller Girls and a few from the Lake City Derby Girls to come to Kamloops for an Exhibition Bout and we are all so ridiculously excited that we’ve been bouncing off walls lately.

This is what we we have been working towards for the last six months. In fact, we had our very first practice on September 14, 2010 and our first bout is scheduled for March 13th  – almost six months to the day! I was watching our ladies at practice last Sunday and was just shaking my head at just how far we’ve come.

For example, Celestial Beatings could barely stand on her skates when she first started derby and last practice, she actually held back our strongest player and stopped her from getting through the pack. Yvonne The Terrible was fairly shaky when she started, even though she’d skated before, and her stamina was really in need of a boost. Now, she’s one of our fastest, strongest skaters and her stamina kicks ass! And Acid Doll, who only started three months ago and who only weighs about 105 pounds, actually knocked me on my ass a few practices ago. I could go on and on and on about how much our skaters have improved in six months (or less) and how stoked I am at some of our skaters’ drive and dedication and, most of all, love of all things derby.

It’s more than just grief therapy on wheels for me these days, too. It’s morphed into a kind of drug made up of adrenaline, endorphins, pure bat shit craziness and camaraderie. I even crave the days when everybody’s cranky and we get on each other’s nerves because a bad day of derby is still better than a day without it.

Here’s a quick slideshow of our last practice. Thank you to Ian Johnson and Tyler Meade for snapping shots of us doing our thing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our first official Home Bout is on May 7th at the McArthur Island Sports Center Curling Rink. Tix will be going on sale shortly and I’ll post something when they’re ready. It will be amazeballs – entertainment, beer gardens (hopefully), great rookie derby, etc. Good, clean family fun!

Have a good day, my friends, I wish you all enough…

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