Juno Loves Life – He Reminds Me To Live

Sometimes it becomes glaringly apparent that I am forgetting that life is meant to be lived, not sludged through as though I’m in a fetid, steaming swamp of negativity and stress. It’s not Greg or my friends or even my grief counselor who reminds me that I’m sinking back into a cesspool of grief-induced angst and unrelenting grumpiness again – it’s Juno.

Junovious Prime. Juno The Wonderdog. Little yellow ray of sunshiny happiness and pure, unadulterated joy. My mood can sink down below the horizon with the setting of the sun and all I have to do is look over at that 60 pound, perpetual glee machine throwing an empty and formerly “stuffed” animal up in the air and catching it again and I am INSTANTLY reminded that life is too fleeting to stay in a bitchy mood.

Greg and I often ask ourselves why we were blessed with such an amazing, precious and soul-healing dog. He is, hands down, the biggest reason we have been so successful in working through our grief in such a short period of time and neither of us doubt that he keeps us sane. More and more I wonder if he came into our lives for just this purpose – to help heal our shattered hearts.

One thing is for certain – nobody can resist the inherent ability of this dog to make people smile and enjoy the moment. We have had nearly five years with this incredible dog and look forward to many, many more. I am blessed.

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2 thoughts on “Juno Loves Life – He Reminds Me To Live

  1. I love Juno! Only met him the one time, but he is the sweetest dog ever! My Tiah is a bit afraid of dogs, (getting better with more exposure) but I know that Juno would win her over immediately! What a great post! Love it!

  2. He is such a bundle of love, I adore the pics of him, always looks like he’s smiling 🙂
    Biskit can make me laugh too, but that’s because she’s a rah-tard.

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