Jaymie, Roy and Cali – Engaged! – Kamloops Wedding Photographer, Jo LeFlufy

Jaymie grew up a few doors down from my hubby and his family, but I didn’t know her until she contacted me about doing her wedding photos. She was in town for a whirlwind few days of wedding planning – meeting with wedding venues, florists, photographers, etc. – and even though she was run off her feet and tired when we met, I liked her instantly. It wasn’t even the fact that some of the LeFlufys told me that she was sweet and funny – even though she is – it was because I could tell she was a no nonsense kind of lady and that makes my job as a photographer a whole lot easier. I know that the wedding day will run as smoothly as possible when the Bride and Groom are organized and this equals more fun and less stress for everyone. Win/win!

I finally met Roy last weekend when he and Jaymie (and their dog, Cali) came to town for a quick visit and an even quicker engagement shoot. He seems relaxed and fun and he definitely made her laugh a lot (especially when he kept putting his freezing hands up the back of her shirt and making her jump). A few things were working against us for the engagement shoot – Jaymie and Roy were tired from their trip and visiting, etc., we had to contend with mid morning, super bright light, and brrrrrrr chilly, oh-so windy weather conditions- but we managed to make it work and, well, Cali had a great time romping around at the beach.

Actually, I had a great time too because I had a chance to get to know my clients a little better and to get a sense of how they’d be on the big day. I’m happy to say, it’s gonna be a great day because love like theirs can’t help but make people smile!

Congrats to you both and I am looking forward to shooting your wedding in just a few short weeks.

Here are my faves from our shoot.

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