Everyone Needs Time For Some R&R

Unfortunately, downtime is a tad hard for me to find these days, but I’ve managed to relax once in the last six weeks between shooting, editing and derby. R E L A X = WOOOOOOOOT!

I actually spent an entire day and night up at my friend Florriann’s cabin on Red Lake. It was her 40th birthday and Greggor, Juno The Wonderdog and I headed up to hang with Flojo, Glen and their adorable girlies. We hung out, cut down some dead branches to improve their view of the lake, almost burned down the entire area with a giant bonfire (Flo’s a bit of a pyro…), watched a hilarious movie, fished, kayaked and had some great bitch/laughing sessions all within the span of 36 hours. It was exactly what I needed to regroup and remind myself what living is supposed to feel like.

I went for a nice, quiet, hour-long kayak by myself and it really brought home the realization that I have been filling up my life with too much activity since Cora died, just trying to fill in the gaping hole that her death has left in me. Because of that, I’ve forgotten how to enjoy life and live in the moment. I needed to remember how to laugh more, take breaks, soak up the sun, pay attention to my friends and family and spend less time burying myself in work and the other, less important aspects of life. I also realized that Greg and I used to make a point of spending every Sunday together, just hanging out and having fun. We’ve hardly done that at all in the last 14 months.

Time up at the cabin was exactly what we both needed, as well as time with Flo and her awesomesauce family. It made me slow down and breathe, as well as gave me the chance to shift my perspective back to the important aspects of my life -husband, friends, family, living. I still feel relaxed and our visit was two weeks ago. I’m still smiling when I think about it. That’s how you know you have true friends in this world.

I love downtime!

Here’s a quick slideshow of the girls kayaking, the cabin, me and Flo hard at work, the dogs (Harley Beagle, River Little Foot and Junovious Prime The Wonderdog) living it up and some birthday love for Flo from her little dolls!

Enjoy! I wish you all enough…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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