Michelle & Kris

10 reasons I think Kris & Michelle kick ass:

  1. Michelle sewed all the dresses for her bridesmaids and flower girls. Creative people are my kind of peeps.
  2. Kris works out of town a lot of the time. Michelle stays here and is, essentially, a single parent to their three girls, while he is gone. Their lives are hectic, chaotic and all over the place, but they manage to keep it all together, loving each other and their kids with everything they have. What’s not to love about that?
  3. Michelle also put together all the centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnieres the DAY of the wedding, amidst all the other chaos that was ensuing. BOOYAH!
  4. Michelle is, admittedly, a bit of a control freak. Something I both understand intimately and appreciate about her…and myself!
  5. They make each other laugh…a lot!
  6. Kris told me that nothing in the world is more important to him than his four ladies. Heart…melllllllting…
  7. When they did their First Look, Kris said, “Wow!” about four thousand times and his face lit up with the biggest smile in the history of big smiles by grooms on their wedding days! Again, heart, melting….
  8. Kris isn’t big into dancing, but he actually performed the Hokey Pokey with his new wife despite the fact that it was obvious it was the last thing he wanted to be doing. And, even better, he laughed the entire time he did it! It still makes me giggle when I look at the pictures.
  9. They chose to do a First Look. This, alone, would have made me uber love them even if they weren’t such awesomesauce, likeable people in the first place.
  10. They both went out of their ways to ensure that Ian and I were enjoying ourselves and that we were well taken care of all day long. I super appreciated this about both of them. (Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Conat)

And, just because, here are my three favourite moments of their big day:

1)      Paige and Chloe and Alyssa. Three beautiful, funny, completely unique sisters who really made it obvious to me why Kris & Michelle love their family so darn much. Alyssa was just so amazing with both the little ones and, even though I’m sure that they drive her crazy sometimes, her big sister love was totally obvious. It made me think of Cora all day long and how much I will miss seeing her at all of the different stages of growing up, but it also made me feel all warm and fuzzy to be around such awesome kids.

2)      Michelle’s smile and laugh. She’s beautiful, inside and out, and it shows every time she flashes those perfect teeth and every time she throws her head back and laughs out loud. My kind of peep!

3)      The party. It was so much fun that I even recorded a little on my cell phone because I wanted to remember hearing everyone on the dance floor singing along to Train’s Soul Sister. They did the Hokey Pokey. They did the Limbo. They did it all and the dance floor was packed almost the entire night while the mood was as light and sparkly as the DJs lightshow!

Thanks so much, M&K, for choosing me to capture your day and for making me feel so welcome and involved and sorry this blog is so late in being posted. Busy, busy, bussssssy this season.

I can’t wait to see you again for our Fall Family session! Enjoy the little slideshow I’ve put together for you!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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